Lines, words, letters. [29]

Nothing meaningful, unless for you it is.

Chapter 12 – A new life, a new chance

Finally Anthony got down on his knees as well and put his arms around his biological parents. The bodyguards put their guns back into their bags, still a little confused. Igor was also crying on his knees, while the bodyguards were just looking at each other with irritated faces.

Stavros: „God gave me a second chance to do good. Anthony my son, thank you, God sent you, while he had taken my other son away.“

Then he looked towards Igor.

Stavros: „And you there, I forgive you, I have to. I know you didn‘t want this, but it had to happen. You are free to go.“

Igor couldn‘t believe what he heard. He was so overwhelmed, he just got up and slowly walked towards Stavros. The bodyguards wanted to take out their guns again, but Stavros showed them to let it be, seeing all the tears on Igor‘s face and his own.

Then both of them put their arms around each other and Igor cried out loud even more, while Stavros moved his left hand caring on Igor‘s back. Like father and son.

Stavros: „This all had to happen. Today we all shall live a new life.“

Anthony: „The higher power I started to trust, whatever it is, I will trust it now. Now more than ever before.“

After this deep and unexpected event, they all went to the old industrial hall, where Marques and the two other dead men were still lying on the ground. No one had found them yet, as it seemed.

As soon as Stavros saw his dead son, he ran towards him, holding him in his hands, deeply crying about his loss.

Igor wanted to go to the police and tell them what he did, but then Stavros said to him, that he would be needed here and not in prison. Whatever Stavros meant, Igor didn‘t say something against it. Maria also got towards her husband, still holding Marques dead body. She first had to fully realize the scenery because she wasn‘t able to handle it at first. A long time she has been sitting in the car, waiting outside, before she came inside the hall.

Then after a while some of Stavros men called a mortician they knew well. While they did everything, Stavros had a talk with Igor about his boss and his plan. Then Igor went away to his boss, to tell what Stavros told him and also explain things.

I went to Paul afterwards, because he was still waiting and probably was very worried about it all and me.

When I arrived, Paul was walking up and down in his room.
As soon as he noticed me he smiled and seemed very relieved.

He was asking all sorts of questions.

Paul: „Where is Igor? How did it went? Are you alright? …“

Anthony: „It is a long story actually.“

Then Anthony started to tell Paul about how he was the son of a mafia boss now and his past and everything just came out.

Paul was overwhelmed by all what happened this day.

He started to question his believes a little. Maybe there really was something more than just his own mind, than just the things around us.

Anthony: „What do we really know for sure? We trust others and things all the time, maybe we just believe things to be true, so they are true because of this.“

It was already late afternoon when Igor reached the bar which is owned by Mr. Sharmore.

Bar keeper: „Igor! Where have you been, the boss is waiting for you all day.“

Igor: „Yeah… I… I was busy with something else.“

Bar keeper: „Just go upstairs, he doesn‘t like to wait, especially not for greenhorns like you.“

[ To be continued… ]

Pages 88 – 90 of Lines, words, letters.


And this is the abrupt and open end of the book because I didn’t continue writing as I said. Previously I mentioned 92 pages I think, but there somehow were some empty pages, so only 90 for now.

I hope it was a good read so far, although it might have been a little difficult to follow the story. Also there are a lot of details missing, some things are a little weird and not as good as they could be (sentences, meaning, conversations). But I am not a native english speaker after all, so excuse my german. “Bitte.” (Please.) 😀

I never really know how people think about what I do and I often think they fool me, when they say something is good. But it is just important for me, that you had a good time, if it was good.

Should you want to read more, let me know. Maybe I will continue the book and even publish it as a whole (so it isn’t so difficult to read for others or later).

I wish you a good evening or day, where ever you are on the planet! 💓

Thanks for reading, listening and overall for existing.

Don’t give up and if you were like I was, already given up a long time ago, start to fight again. You have so many talents, so many things to live for and to share. Especially when you think, you have nothing. 💜

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