Lines, words, letters. [28]

Nothing meaningful, unless for you it is.

Sibylle: „Oh no problem, lovely. You are welcome. And look Katjuscha recognized you before we did. She seemed so depressed after you were in coma. Even after some months she didn‘t really get better, a little bit after a while, but not really. I didn‘t see her so happy in months, if not never.”

Sibylle: “Oh… sorry, please come in. I am just starting to talk and talk. Come all in, you are more than welcome.“

Ally: „Thank you and thank you for caring for my Katjuscha.“

Sibylle: „Always, she is such a lovely cat and actually she wanted to stay with us.“

Smiling towards Alair.

They went inside. A lot had changed. There were some paintings on the walls and some other colors here and there.

Her old room was now combined with the eating room.
There was a TV, a lot of flowers and other plants.

Very different, but also calming and in its different way making Alair feel safe and happy.

Peter: „Take a seat, I will get you some coffee or would you like a tea?“

Ally: „Tea, please.“

Peter: „Alright, here it comes.“

Ally was so happy, friendly, positive.
Last time Ally was here, it also didn‘t look that bad, but she also wasn‘t really free it seems. And she still doesn‘t know what actually happened in the last days before the accident. Whether the thing with the box and cold air was another of her dreams or a memory.

For now she just took the cup with the warm green tea, as Peter noticed and took a big gulp.

Pages 86 – 87 of Lines, words, letters.


Thank you for your company so far. 🙂

The next post of “Lines, words, letters.” will be the last one because then I stopped writing.

I still have some pages of notes and memories, which aren’t part of it.

Maybe I will continue next week. But I am not sure. I hope you enjoyed it so far. I also remembered, that I didn’t write every detail I originally thought of, when I was getting the ideas. It was when I was lying on a bench in the forest. It was like a movie in my head and I probably forgot half of it, when I got home again.

At the moment I am not able to continue or rewrite it because I really don’t feel like it. And when I wrote it (in February, I think), it just happened. After that I just couldn’t continue. It was not because of a writing blockade because I can write all day long it seems. No, it was because of my mental health and the situation I am living in.

Next week I might have the chance to relax and take a break. Then we will see.

Kind people of the internet, I love you guys. 🙂

I hope my words and my behavior don’t harm you or confuse you too much.

I am very confused myself. Just, don’t trust me blindly, don’t do what I do and don’t think I am just good. You have to think for yourself, as always. And I guess, you all know that.


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