Lines, words, letters. [27]

Nothing meaningful, unless for you it is.

Chapter 11 – Old memories

Alair arrived at the house in the late afternoon. Clouds were blocking off the sun, a depressing mood and weather. But she had to go here, the last thing she remembered. For her it was as if it was just a couple of days ago, that she lived in this street, this village, the house. She couldn‘t move towards the house, it wasn‘t the house or the weather, it was this feeling again. It made her think that this might be a mistake and that she would probably just put her problems onto this lovely family when she should move closer. Even just her thoughts could maybe already bring bad luck upon them. Maybe she should just leave again.

???: „Oh hello. Are you alright?“

A voice from behind. She almost jumped, she didn‘t expect someone and it scared the shit out of her. But it was a kind male voice. Alair turned around and a generous smile, together with two, a little irritated eyes greeted her.

Must have been her reaction.

Alair: „Yeah, I‘m fine. Just breathing in some air and thinking.“

Man: „Are you sure, you are fine? You look as if you had seen a ghost or something.“

Alair: „… It‘s okay. I am okay.“

Man: „Well, I haven‘t seen you around here before. Are you one of the new arrivers, or just visiting?“

Alair: „Eh…“

Man: „Oh, I am sorry. I didn‘t mean to turn this into an interview. I am just living over there, in this house near the corner. Do you want to come in for a tea or maybe some coffee?My wife is probably already preparing dinner. Be our guest.“

Alair: „Eh, oh… I… no, I think I will just continue my walk.“

Man: „No problem, just thought you might want to talk.“

Alair: „No, thank you for your invitation. I just think that… you know I… I used to live in this house.“

Man: „Oh… oooh. I didn‘t… Then you must be Alair, right? I didn‘t expect you here, since the coma and all. I should have recognized you, but I just didn‘t expect you. Now you really have to come in for a coffee or what you want.“

Alair: „Eh… okay.“

The man and her walked towards the house. He smiled as if it was the happiest day, while there were still gray clouds and it even seemed to start raining. Alair wasn‘t sure about this, but the man seemed very nice and she didn‘t want to be unpolite. She just hoped that it would be over soon and that they wouldn‘t ask too many questions.

‚Why did I go here, now I am in a trap again. My thoughts caused this… I hope I don‘t ruin their day or even more.‘

The door was open and a young woman was standing in the doorway. In front of her was a cat. It was Ally‘s cat.

When their eyes met, the cat ran towards here, making lovely noises and rubbed her had all around her legs and shoes.

What a day.

Woman: „Dinner is ready, honey.“

When the woman noticed Alair behind her husband she smiled towards her.

Woman: „And who is the young lady next to you?“

Still with a happy face and just curious about who this visitor was.

Man: „It is Alair. You know she was…“

Woman: „Oh, this is wonderful. Are you alright? Just some weeks ago, you were still in coma according to the doctors.“

While looking towards Alair.

Peter: „And I am Peter by the way, but the doctors probably told you about us.

Sibylle: „I am Sibylle. We are happy to finally meet you.“

Ally: „Oh, eh… okay. But I really don‘t want to disturb you or anything. I actually just wanted to see the house again, at least one more time.“

Pages 83 – 85 of Lines, words, letters.


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