Freedom in believe(?)

Yesterday I watched two documentaries about women rights (or how they don’t have rights) in Irak and Iran. The first was about Iran and that women there had no right to be equal with men and that even other women were forcing the others into wearing headscarf (or how it is named) and such things. And they even got into prison for waving white cloth / stuff on a stick. I mean they got sentences for around 20 years plus, just for peacefully waving some white cloth and not wearing a scarf.

The other documentary was even more horrible, it was about how women and girls were used and treated in Irak. There are many people who make “time marriages”, basically another word for prostitution in my eyes. And many of the so called “preachers” and clerics were supporting it, even though it officially was illegal in by the countries law. I mean they were even talking about children around 9 years in a sexual context. And of course, all in the name of God, sure… I bet they didn’t even read their own holy literature, but yeah it is dangerous to say such things in some areas.

The end result was, that there were many clerics who were supporting rape, child abuse and basically pedophilia. One man who was some kind of cleric before and got out there because of other things he wasn’t okay with, was shocked when he saw and heard what else these men were doing. It was clearly wrong in any way and he thought that what he had seen and wasn’t okay with was bad. He didn’t thought that he would see a cleric act like a mack and then there were so many, as if it was normal.

These so called clerics even told the people who were secretly investigating this (acted as if they were interested), how to get away with it. I mean, what the hell. And as if the trauma, pain and diabolic act of abusing a little girl is not enough, for those of you who don’t know, if a woman/girl is not a virgin, she could get killed by her own family. Because of so called family honor… this is so brain melting, horrible and … I just have no words. I just remembered one TED talk in which a woman told that she read the koran multiple times and never found something about that woman had to wear scarfs as a must and probably other things. Still many things in the koran are not that great, but I mean what is this?! – Men abusing women.

In many religions this is the case, at least when it comes to groups with their own rules, believes and mainly man in high positions or as leaders. But when I for example think about what I read in the bible and heard about good explanations, there is nothing about “The woman is lower than the man”. At least not from what I read and heard. I sure heard what some men said, but that was just wrong interpreted in my eyes.

Because words change meaning over time and so me and my mother for example discovered the original meanings for some of the quotes. The camel and the rich was one of them. Back when she was young, it was that the camel would be more likely to get through the eye of a needle than a rich man could get into heaven. The problem with this was, that in older times the small gate next to the big castle / town gates was called like this. But the people assumed it would be an actual needle and of course a camel can’t fit through that. Man… that was an eye opener. 😀

But man were also using such things to control women, with other sentences. And in the end, the meaning was most likely misinterpreted.

This is why the bible is often seen as a paradox book and it could seem this way, but many things were interpreted in such wrong ways or not at all.

For me the stories of Jesus were always motivating and positive. He didn’t judge people, only said some things to the clerics and other people who were acting willingly wrong. He was good to women and man and children. All were equal for him and children were most important for him. He was peaceful, good-hearted and didn’t want any fight or blood to be spilled. Even healed the ear of one of the men who wanted to bring him into prison, after Peter cut it off. Clearly not an usual man and not what many men were and are doing.

Have a good day and I hope it helped in some way or was interesting. I just wrote down what I thought.

Love you guys!


  1. I learned something today about the eye of the needle and the camel. That biblical reference makes way more sense now. Thank you for your messages and your blog and for you. Sending you love ❤️

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    • Thanks so much! ❤️ And also love to you! 🙂
      About the camel, I should add, that according to history, the camel could only get through the small gate (eye of the needle), without the packages and stuff. It could just get through there on the knees because the camel is very big on its own. (Just in case I forgot to mention it) It is important because it shows that indeed the rich man (or just rich people in general) can get into heaven, if they give away their wealth for good, for example. But you can see it in different ways. It is just one way to see it. (I hope this comment is okay.) And thank you again, I am happy to here that my blog is helping people and that it is not just me writing strange, sometimes radical things. Perspectives… it is all about the perspectives. 🙂

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      • I like the image in my mind of what you just said. Yes give away all those packages that you love so much because you can’t take them with you when you go. I really didn’t know anything about the small gate, so I thank you for continuing my education. I was in a religious organization for 25 years and I was never given such a clear explanation , so thank you very much. I love your blog. Sending love. heart emoji

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