Lines, words, letters. [24]

Nothing meaningful, unless for you it is.

Stavros made a sign with his left hand and the two guards behind us pointed their guns on us. Then some more of Stavros gangsters entered the room. They pushed Igor down on his knees and searched for weapons I supposed. I didn‘t got knocked down, but also searched.

Stavros: „Where is my money Marques? You left and stole my money, did you lose it? Is this some kind of ‘I am the lost son coming back to the farther‘ story? But I won‘t accept a betrayal like this, you knew that. So why are you here?! Tell me Marques!“

Anthony: „I suppose you are Stavros.“

Igor: „What are you doing?“

Igor had fear in his eyes, fear for his life.
He clearly didn‘t expect this, so what was going on here?

Anthony: „Look, I am not your Marques.“

Stavros: „Are you out of your mind Marques? Do you really think, I would not recognize my own son. I mean you have other clothes and another haircut, but this means nothing.“

Stavros put out a Makarov and pointed it on my head.

Stavros: „Do you have any last words Marques. Maybe what happened to my money?“

I saw the gun right in front of me.

Anthony: „I am Anthony Duda, a narrator and I might be Marques twin brother, but I am not him.“

Stavros: „What did you say? I only had one son! But you are dead for me now.“

This is when Stavros wife walked into the room with a glass of red wine in her hand.

Stavros: „Maria, tell me, we only have one son. And he betrayed us.“

Maria looked at Anthony and her glass fell on the ground.
She started crying and whispered something.

Stavros: „What is going on, Maria?“

Stavros didn‘t understand what this all was about.

Maria: „Panagiotis… oh Panagiotis.“

Anthony whispered: „Mother?“

Stavros turned around towards his wife with a questioning look on his face.

Stavros: „Do you… is there something I should know? Is this a sick joke or what is going on, Maria? What is this, who is this guy? And what is with Marques?“

Anthony: „I am sorry to tell you that, Marques is dead, it was an accident, an horrible accident in some way. This is why we are here. And I first…“

Stavros: „What happened then, what accident? I didn‘t hear anything about an accident.“

Anthony: „He got shot.“

Igor began crying and whispered some kind of prayer, not really possible to tell what he was whispering, but it seemed like a last prayer for forgiveness, to a god he never really believed in, maybe to his mother or someone he loved.

Igor: „It was my fault.“

Still crying and sobbing, falling down on his knees.

Igor: „IT WAS ME! I killed your son… It didn‘t mean to, I didn‘t know, it just happened. I was confused, I was in rage and then the trigger got pulled. I am sorry. I AM SORRY! I know I am a dead man. I am dead already.“

Silence for a moment. Only Igor‘s and Maria‘s crying and breathing, sad and confused faces.

Finally Stavros broke this depressing absence of words.

Stavros: „The lord has taken a son and the lord has given a son. Praised be lord.“

Stavros broke down on his knees as well. He started weeping and held up his hands in front of his eyes.

Stavros: „I never believed in you father, but now I see your grace, oh lord forgive me!“

I was still standing there between Stavros and Igor with the bodyguards still pointing their guns on his head.

Maria put her arms around her husband and they cried together. Then she started to tell the story, my story, her story.

Pages 72 – 75 of Lines, words, letters.


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