Lines, words, letters. [23]

Nothing meaningful, unless for you it is.

Igor: „Fine… I… Okay, I will tell you. I thought you were Stavros son, yesterday, you remember? And I don‘t know what you know, but Stavros and my boss aren‘t, let‘s say friends. They don‘t like each other, but normally we don‘t intervene with each others business. So at first I thought, maybe it was planned, the thing with the car I am just a year in the business. When Stavros son contacted me, I thought he might give me the money or talk about the car. He wanted to meet and so we did. And then, oh god… I am a dead man.“

Anthony: „Just continue, what happened?“

Igor: „He showed up with a bodyguard and I was together with on of my bosses men. We walked slowly and had our guns out. Then I just aksed for the money and he didn‘t seem to understand. I asked about the car and Paul, but he just refused, denied to know anything. So I got angry, I thought he would play me a fool, maybe this was meant to be the beginning of a war between our bosses. I was so angry and then I just shot at him. It was so fast. His bodyguard shot at me, but he hit the guy behind me and then I shot him aswell. And now there are three dead bodies in an old factory hall… fuck… I am so dead. I…“

Anthony: „Calm down, calm down, we are alone. But how can we help you with this?“

[Paul] My eyes were just getting bigger and my heart rate sure was beyond healthy manners. I just kept my mouth shut, I would only say something wrong. And somehow I caused all of this.

You look like Stavros son, maybe you …“

Anthony: „Maybe I could play a role for you?“

Igor: „Yes, this would be…“

Anthony: „But why should we help you after all?“

Igor: „Look your friend here still ows some money to my boss and maybe I can work something out, we can, maybe. You seem like an intelligent man.“

Anthony: „Hmm, I see where you are going with this. But are you sure no one did hear the shooting, no one will find the bodies?“

Igor: „Well, I can‘t tell you. No one will. But it is in an area where, let‘s say police is not your best friend, if you understand.“

Anthony: „I see.“

[Paul] Anthony told me to keep quiet and to wait at home.
So I went home.

[Anthony] Igor followed me and told me where Stavros was living, a big house with some private guards around. A high stone wall and through the bars of the big gate, I could see a pool and a garden. A beautiful place, despite the guns and the possible death awaiting us.

When the guards noticed me, they greeted and opened the door. Then two of them followed us, while we were going towards the front door.

Behind the door was a big entry hall with stairways leading to the upper floor. We went up there and entered a room which was probably a living room. There was sitting a little man. He had no on his head and wasn‘t the youngest anymore, but still a strong man, Stavros.

Stavros: „Marques… what are you doing here? Did you came to apologize?“

Anthony: „Apologize?“

Igor looked confused.

Pages 70 – 72 of Lines, words, letters.


But I am not the one who will make them pay because I actually want peace. And then who am I? I just released another post containing all of my problems. Do I want to die, do I want to be hunted or do I actually want peace? Would there be two buttons: Peace and War. I would choose peace.

I don’t know… I am just trying to survive…

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