Lines, words, letters. [22]

Nothing meaningful, unless for you it is.

Dr. Dormin: „Hm, now, it was difficult and after some time and no change, the house got sold. It didn‘t seem to get any better, this is why we are all so surprised that you just woke up, as if nothing happened the past six years. And don‘t worry, your cat is fine, she lives with the new owners now.“

Ally: „Then what happened with the money? And how are the new owners?“

Dr. Dormin: „The money was used to pay the hospital costs and the new owners are a young couple with two children. But this is all I know. And I shouldn‘t even know about the house, but I heard your mother talking sometimes, when she visited you.

Ally: „My mother…“

Dr. Dormin: „I think it is enough for today. You should get some sleep first. We will figure everything out tomorrow, okay?“

Ally: „But… Okay…“

The next day she found out that her mother died just two weeks before. Her machines weren‘t shut down because one of the nurses said she felt a presence. She wanted to give her a last chance and now only short after, she was almost a healthy young woman. It all was a lot to handle, but all was better than her dreams. All was better than the horror she went through.

After some days she could leave the hospital and although she got a number and an address for someone who could help, she first wanted to visit her old home.

Her dreams and her lost memories, she just wanted to see it again. Just from outside would be enough. She also got a little money from the nurse who didn‘t gave up on her. So she could take a bus to her old home.

It sure would be different and strange, but she just had to do this.

Chapter 9 – The lost son

??? [knife man]: „I just… it just happened… Who really are you? You just look like him. I thought I would see a ghost at first.“

It didn‘t matter much.

??? [knife man]: „Look I just… I killed Stavros son by accident. I thought you were him. I don‘t know. But then when I asked him, he didn‘t know. This…“

He just looked at Anthony, while I had no idea what was going on. At one point we were in the office, walking about a book and how to get the money and now this guy needs our help? I really just had to process this first.

Anthony: „What exactly happened? And do you have a name? I mean yesterday you wanted to kill my friend and now we should just trust you? Who are you anyway?“

Igor [knife man]: „Look I know, I know… I am Igor, okay, just Igor. I am working for Mister Sharmore and… Okay I will just tell you the story, but please let us go somewhere else first.“

Anthony: „No, how can we trust you? Maybe you just want to bring us somewhere so you can get rid of us. Is this a trick maybe? I mean you look very serious, but you have to tell us more.“

Pages 67 – 69 of Lines, words, letters.


This is actually about what forgiveness means. So for example that it doesn’t mean that you have to accept or give up someone else who hurts you, but just step away politely. (Or something like this. Me not knowing much while me thinking too much sometimes…)

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