Lines, words, letters. [21]

Nothing meaningful, unless for you it is.

Chapter 8 – An empire inside a single cell

Ally woke up in a hospital, some doctors and nurses were in the room with her. The doctor with the flash light put down his mask and a friendly smile showed her, everything was fine. But inside, she just didn‘t know what was real anymore.

Doctor: „Miss Wolters, this might be a shock for you, but you were in a coma after a car accident. Can you remember anything?“

Ally: „A… car accident?“

Doctor: „So you can‘t remember it, what about before the accident? Which is the last thing you remember?“

Alair: „Well I am not sure because I had weird dreams. I am not even sure whether this is real or not.“

[short pause]

Ally: „Maybe that I wanted to die at some point?“

Doctor: „Well, yes not long after you recovered from a suicide attempt, you got into a car accident, but it wasn‘t your fault. I think this is enough for today. We already pushed too hard I think. We all just couldn‘t believe, when the nurse told us, that your eye lids were moving and that you started to move your arm.“

Ally: „How… how long have I been like this, in a coma?“

The doctor looked towards the others and with an unsure look, he replied: „It has been 6 years.“

Ally: „Oh… oh… this…“

Doctor: „I am sorry, we actually didn‘t want to tell you right now, because you just woke up. It is probably better if we would leave you now, so you can get some rest and think about everything without all these people standing around…“

Ally: „No, no this isn‘t it. I just had this horrible dream and… well not important right now. My mouth feels very dry and it gets hard to speak.“

The doctor points to the table next to her.
A bottle with water was standing there as well as a cup.

Then he shakes his head.

Doctor: „Ehm, Becky can you give Miss Wolters some water?“

Becky: „Yes, yes of course.“

A nurse came to the table and filled the cup with water.

Becky: „Here, drink. After all this time…“

Alair just drank the water, faster than she could handle it in her state. She almost couldn‘t breath and chocked. The nurse put back the cup.

Becky: „Are you alright?“

Couldn‘t feel better.“, replied Ally, with a tear on her chin and an unsure, but happy smile on her face.

Becky: „Maybe a little time alone could be good. Just to fully arrive again. Or should I stay?“

The others just stood there still looking like statues, surprised by what they were watching.

Doctor: „I think we should go now and let Miss Wolters get some time. But you can call if you want, just press the red button. Okay Miss?“

Ally: „Yes, thank you.“

The doctors and nurses left the room and she just took a deep breath. ‚Thank you.‘

Later this day the doctors came again to do some tests and to check her vitals. Everything seemed to be normal. Still not fully though, but almost good, as if nothing had happened.

They told Alair that they would keep her for some more tests, at least a couple of days. Before they all left, she asked for her cat and the house.

Ally: „Eh… excuse me, Mister… Dormin?“

Dr. Dormin: „Yes?“

Ally: „I have a question. Do you know what happened to my cat and my house? After all this time, it sure can‘t be there just like this, am I right?“

Pages 64 – 66 of Lines, words, letters.


I guess I am also all over the place. Whatever is going on with my mind, I just need to relax, otherwise I might get overwhelmed. And now that I quit my job some months ago, I felt so useless and broken because I was pushing and forcing myself to continue the whole time. Some damage might be permanent, but who knows, right? I sure don’t want to know everything because:

“Knowledge does not protect against stupidity.” –

“Wisdom is power.” –

But as I often added: “Power it has over you.”

And then there is the problem with “knowledge” because it could all be wrong. So yeah. I really could just need some positive people who say, that everything is alright and will be fine and that I am doing fine. Now that I realized what a mess I am. Better now than never, am I right?

At least I am not too crazy because I can still write some sentences which make sense, I guess. If not, please let me know. I could need some constructive comments.

Love you guys!

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