Lines, words, letters. [16]

Nothing meaningful, unless for you it is.

[Today I recorded all missing audio book versions (5 – 16). I still have to look them through, convert and upload them. But at least I recorded it finally. :)]

She ran towards the front door, opened it and just slammed it shut behind her. Alair almost ran into the nice mail-woman.

Mail-woman: „Are you alright?“

Alair: „Yeah, I am fine. It‘s just there were some bugs in the house and I just… well, doesn‘t matter.“

Mail-woman: „You seem a little scared, are you sure everything is fine? You just rushed out of the house, as if you would have seen something.“

Alair: „Yeah, no I just had a strange day.“

Mail-woman: „Now, here is a package for you.“

The mail-woman gave her a small package. On it was written in old letters, the name “Undertree” as well as “Your destiny awaits”.

Alair just took the pen, made her sign on the confirmation device, thanked for the packaged and said good bye.

The mail-woman also said good bye to her, but was a little confused too. Ally opened the door with the keys and walked inside. ‚What is going on?‘

The package started to shake all of a sudden and high pitched sounds were coming out of it. „Fucking hell!“

As fast as she could, Ally threw away this shaking, shrieking box. When it landed on the wall of the hallway, the box burst open. A wave of all sorts of insects came out of it, flying, running, shrieking, whatever insects do. Ally ran back out through the still open front door. She just ran and ran.

There clearly was something not right, not with the reality, not with her.

After a minute and some hundred meters of constant running, she realized, that she still had her night clothes on. Pajama trousers and a tank-top, she had no socks, no shoes.

Her feet started to hurt and she must have walked over some of these small pebbles which were here and there on the road next to her house. When she moved up her left foot and turned the bottom towards her, there was a red spot.

She touched it and there was something hard beneath it, must be one of these stones. With her right hand she tried to open the hole a little wider, removing the damaged skin.

There it was, a small gray stone. With her forefinger, with the nail to be correct, she picked out the pebble.

It was still hurting, but now it was out.

In her mouth she got a metal like taste, the same when she had blood in her mouth. Sometimes when there is something highly sensitive, highly intense, everything seems more extreme, the smell and the noises. Maybe she always has a little bit of blood in her nose or in her mouth. Sometimes when she cleaned her nose, together with some snot, there was a little bit of blood. Maybe she shouldn‘t pick in her nose, she often does this. Since she was little. She just never stopped doing it even though she knew it wasn‘t good in many ways. Even she sometimes gets weirded out by it, but it just happens naturally. Still, it is disgusting.

After the “pebble surgery”, she looked around her. She almost ran into the forest next to her house. Alair took some deep breaths. She had to go back. Whatever it was, she had to get some other clothes first.

At least, this would be a normal reaction in such a situation, right? She thought so. So she started to move towards her house again, the feet were still hurting. Just to be sure, she also checked the other foot, but it seemed untouched.

Walking without a rush and fear, was painful and then the small wound.

When she reached the small stone plate pathway leading to her front door, she was constantly looking for traces of the insects.

She definitely wouldn‘t walk near the goddamn insect box. So she passed the still open front door and moved towards the back of the house, to the basement entry. It was just another door, leading into the house. The basement, wasn‘t a real basement, like in other houses where it is cold, dark and just gray walls. Actually there was even a room with a small bed down there and her planned summer room, still waiting for cleanup. She hoped it could be a little bit cooler down there during summer time.

Ally unlocked the basement door and entered the warm heating room. Not the prettiest room for sure, but this old heating just had its charm. Despite all the trouble, it remembered her of the good days she had.

She closed the door behind her and walked down the basement hallway towards the stairs. Before she slowly went upstairs, she closely listened to any uncommon sounds, but she couldn‘t hear anything. Just the pipes and the heating noises, some kid playing games outside.

When she walked upstairs, on the other side of the hallway, there still was the box. But it seemed whole, somehow.

‚Okay, now it is really getting weird! This can‘t be real?!‘

Pages 47 – 50 of Lines, words, letters.


What is going on with Alair… man she totally lost it, it seems.

But we will see. Something is off for sure.

SPOILER ALERT FOR: “The end if the f***ing world”

The children are the future. For Jesus the children where most important because they weren’t blinded by the systems and concepts people created. At least this is what I thought.

And I must add, that I love my mother. We both went through similar situations and never really healed our broken past and lives. Now we try to work together, although we sometimes still accidentially hurt each other. It happens, but we are sorry about it and know that we both don’t want to hate each other. We just both went through a lot and are still not out of it yet in some way.

“The bravest warriors are those you never heard of.”

“The toughest fights are silent ones.”

“Not every warrior is seen as such.”

( I don’t know whether these are words someone said once or not, but here they are. 🙂 )

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