Lines, words, letters. [12]

Nothing meaningful, unless for you it is.


Chapter 4 – The conversation

I thought, maybe you could be interested in what we were talking and how we finally agreed and decided to continue the story. So here it is, the conversation log.

Anthony [Narrator]: „… So I suggest we should let the story as it is, but not let it stop like this. Can you follow?

Author: „I am trying to.“

Anthony [Narrator]: „Okay, first of all the main character should become a name. Maybe a special name, but not too special if you understand. So for example “Alex” would be too generic in my eyes or “Maya”. I don‘t mean that these are bad names, no they are fine and even cool, but not for this character.

Maybe something old, mixed with a new meaning.

Author: „Hmm, let me think. I could think of Alyda or Amara, maybe?“

Anthony [Narrator]: „I also like “Alair”, it means cheerful.“

Author: „Good, yes, this could be something. Let‘s call her Alyda-Alair or Alair-Alyda. But isn‘t this a strange name for someone, who actually isn‘t too cheerful?“

Anthony [Narrator]: „Yes sure, but this is exactly what they should think. Like a mystery or a puzzle they could figure out.“

Author: „I see… I guess you are the writer after all. Why don‘t you just continue the book?“

Anthony [Narrator]: „Well, let‘s just write it together and don‘t forget, we only have a name so far. There is still a lot to write and think about till tomorrow.“

Author: „But don‘t you think, we shouldn‘t make it too positive? I mean after all, her situation and all, there is just no way, we can make this a positive story, not like this. Perhaps we should really rewrite the whole thing. You just have better ideas.“

Anthony [Narrator]: „Hey, Paul, can I say Paul to you?“

Author: „Sure… Antony, why not. After all…“

Anthony [Narrator]: „Okay Paul, I wanted to work for you because I read some of your earlier works and I just thought, this guy is a brilliant writer. So don‘t give up, you still are, people just have problems sometimes and we aren‘t all equal, this is our advantage, at least it should be. But we are using it against each other. So… Paul, we can do this and we will! But maybe you should drink some water first. You throat is all red, you know?“

Paul [Author]: „Be right back, hero.“

Anthony [Narrator]: „Eh, yeah. Don‘t call me like that, makes me feel weird.“

(water break)

Paul [Author]: „Antony, now where have we stopped?“

Anthony [Narrator]: „Well, we wanted to get our main character out of her miserable situation.“

Paul [Author]: „Riiigght. So what do you have in mind.“

Anthony [Narrator]: „Hey, I am not the author, but okay.“

Anthony [Narrator]: „Alair‘s situation is really bad, she is in a locked clinic, with no one trusting her and she just realized in what a situation she was. But she can‘t really remember how she got there, only that it was bad and dark. Normally this would be the end, if it would be a real story, but it is a book character after all. So why can‘t we just make someone ‚available‘ for her? Do you see where I am getting?“

Paul [Author]: „Sure, so you mean another character, which we didn‘t think about yet? Like a stranger hero or something?“

Anthony [Narrator]: „Exactly. But we can‘t make it too obvious, otherwise, they would know that there is hope and just think it would be a strange love story or something, with a happy ending.“

Paul [Author]: „I understand, so this is why you first wanted to rewrite the story, but now actually just add upon it. Brilliant, why didn‘t I think about this? Man, you really should take my seat. I mean literally, you are just sitting on this old bar chair I got from an old bar many years ago, all broken and probably smelly. Here take mine.“

Pages 33 – 35 of Lines, words, letters.


Angels fight, we fight, but we shouldn’t use the same weapons as our enemies. Because we only lose while using them. Our weapons are ords, music, movies, thoughts – not metal and gun powder. Everyone can use a gun, but who can use words? Can I? I can use words, but I am not sure whether I should, maybe I will hit myself. Still I have to, what else should I do?

“Violence will only cause violence.”

Still, sometimes you are forced your enemies weapons, but in your own way. While evil forces use tanks to kill, you might use them to cultivate a field of potatoes.

Weapons are evil, but only if you use them how they were meant to be used.

Isn’t the bible also telling about how weapons will be transformed into useful tools? Read it for yourself, don’t believe a crazy man. I could tell whatever you want or I want. My words are just “a drop on a hot stone” as some say in Germany, like dust. My words are nothing and still they could at least inspire. But never try to kill or harm others in the name of God, of freedom and peace. Look how Soviet Russia was, communism was never a real thing. They praised a dictator who was worse than the man who was leading them before.

Open your eyes, a revolution with weapons and violence, will only result in the same outcome at some point. Are you really fighting for freedom or for your own profit? Or for someone else who wants to be king or whatever.

Anarchy is a thing which was long used in the wrong way. Anarchy isn’t chaos, isn’t violence, isn’t “I do what I want”. But anarchy also isn’t perfect. Still anarchy is like communism, but without a group of people leading the others because everyone has the same rights. Anarchy also has flaws like communism, but is capitalism really the right way? Don’t you think it is time for a change? But as I said, not with the old way of fighting, not with violence.

See a possible friend or victim in your enemy and not just your enemy. If you can’t accept your enemy to become your friend in the future, than what are you fighting for? Justice? No, just your own good. But in a peaceful world, everyone has the same right, so also your current enemies. If you can’t accept that, maybe you are fighting for the wrong cause, with the wrong weapons. But then, who am I? Maybe just a crazy young man who has no idea how the world works, right? You know better… but shouldn’t we all know better?

Thanks for your time. 🙂

And sorry for these strange comments, I am strange, but I guess that is what you like. Or I don’t know. But I love you. Everyone should be loved, the lack of love causes violence and problems.


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