Wanted possession for obsession

Would in the future it be possible to transfer souls, minds and all, what would happen to you? The YOU inside you?

I guess that there would be the possibility to somehow rent your body. And I mean this is nothing new, when you are into sci-fi.

But just think about it, many people feel lost, useless and don’t want to do something. Maybe just be part of something big or just free or just not boring.

If you would for example not know what to do with yourself, you could go to someone who needs your body, while you could play in a virtual space or something.

Imagine it in a dystopic and utopic perspective and then question, whether it should become reality or not.

The utopic approach in my eyes would be, that for example someone who needs physical bodies to do something in the physical world could use your body, while you could create things in a virtual environment.

Would that be possible, the ones who want to think, create and make mind games, in a more practical and safe environment, would be free to do so. Not blocked or limited by the body which needs care, time to rest and could get sick. On the other hand people who are more comfortable with bodies and real world things, could use the bodies. All would be happy and could work on the future in a better harmonic way.

But then, what about those who would use either of it to do bad things?

I don’t mean to play games for example, but to actually use it to rule the world yet again. With all the people who would offer their bodies, someone could create an army of either mindless or “immortal” soldiers, who could die, but would just always get a new body. On the other hand a virtual space could give evil people the opportunity to make even better plans, faster and without the need to rest. And both working hand in hand, would be pure horror because in the end people would be trapped in a virtual prison, while their bodies would be used to play wars, harvest planets and maybe more bodies.

For my part, I don’t believe that it would be good or possible to transfer a human with all what there is. Sure the body, in case of teleportation, sure the cells in the brain. But only if that would be all what there is to transfer. If not, then after teleportation you would only get a piece of cells, probably dead. If not, then there would be a set of data in a machine, able to process things, but nothing more than a program.

And then again, what are we really? In my eyes, more than what we see with our two eyes, maybe less what some see with their so called third eye, but still way more than we usually think we are.

If you think about possession, you probably think about demons, evil spirits or just in general other beings controlling something, someone.

Because by definition, this is what possession means.

But if you could for example spare your body for a loved one or maybe even share it, willingly and by choice, would you do it, would you want it?

Imagine, your friend would be with you and then falls down somewhere. You find your friend dead, but it is still able to safe the consciousness. You do it and the only body is yours, so you let your friend in. Would you do it?

I think, would you know for whom the body is, really know, you would be able to decide. But often you just think you know. In the end you find yourself just serving another soul. In the end, you either serve a system, a leader, a nation, a group, a cult, a soul or maybe a god. But when do you also serve yourself?

The thing is, that being alone is terrifying. Because you would have to imagine everything. And then… what can I say. I played with my imagination, with virtual game characters and was feeling with TV series characters. From our realities point of view, I was playing with dead things, with myself or images in my head, with a computer screen.

Was it real? Was it making me happy? Yes it was, in a way. I knew it wasn’t real, but for me, it wasn’t important.

So when you look into our world, are you alone or are you together with others? Sometimes I am alone, sometimes I feel alone. Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is pretty terrifying. But in general, I know now again and knew as a kid, that I am never alone, never was alone and will never be alone. Eventhough, I might walk alone with my body.

Am I possessed? I don’t think so, but you never know, right?

But in a way, the body is possessed by me and when the body is dead, my part is done here, whatever here is. Then I will go to a better place.

Would I say, earth is only bad, I would be wrong.

But do you really want to sell your body or your soul to someone else, someone you don’t really know?

Some of us know people since their childhood, they know how they work, how they feel and think. There is either a lot of hate because of it or a lot of trust, depending on how the other people were acting towards you and so on.

So again, would you want to share your body with a close friend or loved one, you really trust, should it be possible? Or would you live in a virtual space? I think, death has a right to be. Because otherwise, we would probably all go insane, become evil or just hopeless and cruel. If the value of life only means how much wealth one has, then those who should live longer would die early and those who should die early would live long again.

Luckily, there is always a “random” factor or I should say, there is always something you didn’t think of or what you didn’t expect. So while now it all seems like a problem, maybe the problem actually never will be there.

“Expect the worst and hope for the best.”

As always – words which aren’t mine, words I just use, words are there to be used. The order of words depends on what you want to say and what others said before you.

I don’t want to live forever in this world or state of existence because it was horrible in a way. Sure I have and had good time, but still, I don’t need to live in a world in which many people lie towards each other, who hate and harm each other and in which those who just think about their own profit and benefits will win. I am always ready for a better world. If heaven is about dreams, if heaven is about freedom without the need to harm because you just want to be and do some things. Then heaven is, whatever you want in a good way. Painting, singing, working on things you love.

If heaven is the utopic earth we couldn’t really think of yet, then I sure want to go there when I die. Because one thing is for sure, at least for me and some others. Heaven won’t be just sitting around, won’t be doing what others want. But things you either didn’t think of yet or always wanted, but didn’t get on earth.

I think, usually people think of heaven and hell from a human perspective, from a “my mood changes” or “things get boring after some time” perspective. I for my part could play old games again and again. Even though I played them through already or played so many times. And I am still a human. But if you are finally free from negative things, you could do great things.

And I don’t think, that God would be God, if you wouldn’t be able to ask all kinds of questions. People in the bible asked God questions and even changed old rules this way. Because this is what it is about, to ask questions. Otherwise you might live a lie your whole life because you think this is it, this is all.

If God would want to “possess” you, or I should say guide you, would you want to? The thing is, that it is not about church, not about strict rules no one can fullfil, it is about – peace, love and understanding.

Why? – Because God doesn’t force people. People do and say it is God’s will.

(And well, I came from music to sci-fi to possessions and God… in this post – wuuuii what a ride.)