Lines, words, letters. [11]

Nothing meaningful, unless for you it is.


Author: „Oh no… I told you, I have the money next week.“

???: „Guess what time it is! Ring ring, it is next week, you stupid shit. Now open the door.“

Author: „But I thought until Monday, it is just Sunday afternoon?“


Author: „Okay, okay…“

door opening up

???: „There you are, now where is the money.“

Author: „Hey easy, put your knife down. Just… please let us talk“

???: „Enough of this, spit it out. WHERE IS THE FUCKING MONEY!“

hands over a pencil case

Author: „This is all I have right now. I wanted to sell the book I am wri… Uurrrghh.“

???: „Shut your goddamn mouth you little rat. Did you really think this is any of my business? I am just hear for the money, you owe Mister Sharmore and I just find a third. A THIRD!“

???: „Why shouldn‘t I kill you, tell me? You have one last chance! NOW!“


Author: „The book, I am telling you, it will get me… arrrgghh“

Narrator: „Hello? Sir, are you alright?“

???: „Who are you?“

Narrator: „Sorry sir, I didn‘t want to interrupt your talk. I better come later.“

Author: „No wait, Antony, right? Please, I am sorry for what I said before.“

???: „Is he the one who will buy the book?“

Author: „No, he… Antony is… was the narrator, but I through him out.“

???: „My apology, I didn‘t know you two were doing business. But I tell you, Mister Sharmore won‘t wait forever. Tomorrow, around the same time. You have 24 hours, understand?“

Author: „Yes… yes sure. Thank you.“

door closes

Narrator: „What was this all about?“

Narrator: „Are you in some kind of trouble? I know this can‘t be good. And the knife in his pocket, it was huge. I just came back because I thought, well maybe you could give me a second chance, I really need the money. But, well I see, you don‘t have money either. Maybe we can figure something out. I didn‘t know what was going on. I just thought you are an asshole, sorry for that.“

Author: „No, no you are right, I am an asshole… Thank you, you literally saved my life. This guy… he had one hand around my throat and the other hand was ready to hit me with the knife. And then you came in.“

Narrator: „So you need money and this guy will kill you, if you don‘t have some tomorrow, right?“

Author: „Right…“

Narrator: „We both have no money, but there is this book you were writing. Maybe this will actually work, but trust me, you can‘t let it end like this. No one would want to read this, I bet.“

Author: „Maybe you are right. But my current situation, this whole money thing just didn‘t let me think straight. So what do you suggest?“

Narrator: „Well, as I told you, the character has many abilities and strengths and it would be a shame if we would just ignore them. So I suggest we should …“

We talked for some hours, now that our lives depend on it and worked something out.

And we also were questioning, what the knife guy meant, when he said „My apology, I didn‘t know you two were doing business…“. Something was strange and I sure didn‘t know what it was, but neither of us was thinking too much about it because it saved the authors life and actually brought us together. Maybe we could actually become friends, we will see.

Pages 29 – 32 of Lines, words, letters.


At this point total confusion started. Because now the story because pretty strange, I mean stranger than before. And well, it also seems to be strange to read. So I added the “names” or at least something to see who is talking. Previously I just had what they say and only showed the difference via different text style (still there). But I will change that in the next posts I think.

I still is just something I wrote, it developed on its own for the most part. I am not proud of it because it is very weird and hard to read at times (or maybe as a whole). But yeah, it is something. And this actually isn’t the first story I wrote. I wrote some before. I think one, when I was in elementary school and some in secondary school. Man I forgot so many things. All these suppressed memories and broken thoughts. If you would have asked me last year, whether I have written some stories, I would have said no. And I would have thought it was the truth. … man…

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