Lines, words, letters. [2]

Nothing meaningful, unless for you it is.

(Audio book version)

Chapter 1: The day when everything was meant to fail

Ten hours aren‘t enough, but there is no more time to hold it back now.

________ walked down the streets, with a smile on the face.

Only ten hours until they all will know, what really lives behind these eyes.

Everything was ready for the final release, no one could stop it now.

Ten hours, what should she do until they will know everything? First something to eat would be great. She decides to go to the good old kebab restaurant in the small town, she called her home town for many years now.

„Hallo, einen Döner mit allem, bitte!“ (ENG: “Hello, one kebab with everything, please.”)

Mit scharf?“ (ENG: “With spicy?”)

„Ja.“ (ENG: “Yes.”)

Nachdem ein paar der vorherigen Kunden und Bestellungen abgearbeitet sind, kommt endlich ihr Döner an die Reihe. Saftiges Rindfleisch, Knoblauchsoße, Salat, Peperoni, Tomaten, Gewürze und ein leich gebräuntes Fladenbrot, alles verpackt in Alufolie. (ENG: After some of the previous customers and orders were gone, finally her kebab was being made. Juicy beef, garlic sauce, lettuce, pepperoni, tomatoes, spices and a lightly browned flatbread, all packed in aluminum foil.)

Das macht dann 5€“. (ENG: “That makes 5€.”)

Stillschweigend übergibt sie einen etwas verkrumpelten 5-Euroschein dem Mann an der Kasse. (ENG: She tacitly hands over a somewhat crumpled 5-euro note to the man at the cash register.)

Vielen Dank und guten Appetit!“ (ENG: “Thank you very much and enjoy your meal!”)

„Danke auch.“ (ENG: “Thank you too.”)

The usual business, but deep down she smiles and likes the people in this restaurant, some of them were selling kebab when she still was a kid. But she never really said them, how much just their presence meant to her, each time she entered the restaurant. Before they were working in another restaurant, but then they went to this other one.

She walked to the car and drove home.

On the short way home, the music player in the car played her favorite songs.

(You all know what will happen next.)

The door was wide open, the cat was playing with a nut in the floor, while cold air enters the house.

She must have forgotten to close it or the lock is not working properly, old house stuff.

In the living room was her next Netflix series already on pause, on the white wall, while in the back of the room the projector was moderately making noise.

‚Didn‘t I turn off the projector, before I left?‘

The nice and refreshing freedom came to an end it seems.

But don‘t think it is just this easy.

The kebab out of the metal foil and onto a plate.

Some water, some milk and a little bit of chilly to make it a bit more spicy.

All perfect for a good movie night, just a nice Saturday night.

Undertree… Hmm, did I really start watching this? Maybe I accidentally clicked on it.‘ It happens.

Off to a good start, maybe the worst.

I just started, did I?

The hours passed by and this new series was pretty good, but then what didn‘t she watch?

I mean she even watched movies she couldn‘t even understand. Crap movies and even porn.

Why should anything be important, if she watches anything?

The series was about a family living in an elderly house.
One day they found out by accident, that under the trees in the garden, a man was buried. Probably several decades ago. She didn‘t reach the point, where they actually found out it was their grand grand father, it was 6 AM and Sunday morning. Time to go to sleep.

Next to the table and the projector, was a great bed, with just a blanket and a mattress.

Is it important, yeah sure it is. It was around 16°C in the room, perfect to sleep.

Our main character goes to sleep and she sleeps until late afternoon.

She looked on her phone, 3:31 PM – time to get up.

But what was this? The room she woke up, was not her living room.

Instead she was in a big hall, with other people she never saw before.

‚Is this a dream? Let‘s check, can I fly?‘ She thought about flying, but nothing happened.

Her clothes looked different, just a gray t-shirt and a blue jeans. ‚This is strange?!‘

‚Why can I think this freely, everything seems too real. Where am I?‘

She walked towards the other people in the other part of the hall.

They had also gray shirts and blue jeans, some had blue shirts as well.

„Ehm… hallo? Wo bin ich hier?“ (ENG: “Eh… hello? Where am I here?”)

A man was turning around, facing her. He was one of the blue shirts.

He just started to laugh.

Weißt du es wirklich nicht?“ (ENG: “Do you really not know?”)

„Eh.. nein?!“ (ENG: “Eh… no?!”)

Ein leichtes Schmunzeln. (ENG: A slight smile.)

Tja, dann werden wir dir mal etwas zur Beruhigung geben.“ (ENG: “Well, then we’ll give you something to calm you down.”)

„Hey, ich will doch nur wissen wo ich bin. Ist das so schwer?“ (ENG: “Hey, I just want to know where I am. Is it that hard?”)

Nun denn, du bist in der Nervenheilanstall Antwalden. Klingelt da was?“ (ENG: “Well then, you are in the Antwalden mental hospital. Does something ring?”)

„… Dumme Frage, aber träume ich?“ (ENG: “… Stupid question, but am I dreaming?”)

Nenn es wie du willst, aber das ist seit 6 Jahren dein zuhause und wird es in diesem Zustand wohl noch weiter bleiben.“ (ENG: “Call it what you want, but it has been your home for 6 years and it will probably stay that way forever.”)

„Oh Gott, das… nein. Scheiße was?!“ (ENG: “Oh god, that … no. Shit what ?!”)

Pages 4 – 8 of Lines, words, letters.

Comment: I just realized how all over this first chapter is, with all the German in between, sometimes not even the speech (which was intended.) But I just let it this way and only added English subtitles you could say –> (ENG: …).

Well this is not the whole first chapter, but I think 3 pages each day are enough, unless you say otherwise. 😀 It is a short story after all and not even really finished yet. (So around 90 pages in DIN A5 format I think.)

Man I hope it gets better after this language mess. Oh man.

I hope it was somehow interesting anyways so far and this is not the plot, trust me. There is waaaaay more. 😀 At least I hope that it is at least a little interesting. Anyways, thanks for reading and later the audio book version will follow, but I had no time recording it because I just recorded (no joke) 5 hours talking of me with myself in a self-therapy session (or at least something like that.) Man it was strange, but felt good in some way. Maybe I will upload that in a couple of days or some time soon.

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