Day 79 (first hours)

Tonight something weird happened. I felt as if the dream about the cultists the other one told me about might be becoming real. The air was strange, I sensed a strange feeling. Some hours ago I was sitting in my room, when I heard a cat outside my window doing a strange noise as if there was someone. Could have been another cat or actually someone, something else. I also heard some knocking noises on my window sometimes. But always just one at a time then some minutes or even an hour nothing. And I sometimes hear noises because old house and so on. But it felt strange. When I then heard the cat I thought about investigating. But when I slowly opened the door and looked outside, my cat came by, a little confused as if something wasn’t right. She first got inside, but then when I was about to close the door she got outside, sitting in front of the door.

So I got my jacket and went outside with her.

I heard some people talking from around the factory. There was light again in the factory and they actually seemed to be working there or at least doing things. There even was light at around midnight (when I was going outside) and people talking as I said. But I didn’t see any. And someone was making echo sounds and laughing, so I thought maybe some young people from the village where there because I heard some people on Friday night I think. But still I felt strange. And to my surprise my cat was walking on my side, always watching behind and when I started to move she followed me. I walked slowly alongside the factory and sometimes stopped.

When I was going towards the forest I stopped at the last light because my cat was laying down on the side of the street. So I waited a while and then I decided to go inside again. But before I went back I saw two cars driving down the main road. I felt a little like overreacting and paranoid, but on the other hand, you never know. So I thought I better go home because my gut feeling never lied. Sometimes it wasn’t that clear, but it was always telling me when something was about to happen or way off, if you know what I mean. So when I walked back my cat followed me again and then we got inside. I think as far as I know she never did that. She sometimes got out when I went out for a walk, but then she went in another direction. We also sometimes met near the house, when I got back from my walks, but she never walked with me like a dog you could say. Mainly because she is no dog, but this means nothing to me. A tiger could save your life, if you are open for it, so yeah. And while I have a deep connection with my cat sometimes, she felt something was wrong and wanted to protect me.

I actually wanted to go out to hear some animals with my mother because we did that on Thursday night I think. And before I forget it, there also was a car, but it was driving from the grave yard area back to the main road and it was earlier. I also talked with my mom about it and I think it might have been the same car. I still don’t know whether it was the same color or car, but it all was strange because we also were out late, but on a complete other time, but still late in the night. And then I remembered that I also noticed a car coming from that direction at least one night before. And it always could have been the same car.

The first times I didn’t think much, but now…

I did face the fear because I felt as if nothing would happen, but meaning that even if I would die, it would be the end. So I did face it and nothing happened. But it still all was strange.

So when I got back in again tonight I asked my mother whether she still wanted to go hear some animals and she still wanted. She was upstairs in her safe space room, which also was my safe space the first months back in the 2017/18 winter. A cozy room or at least old, but nice and calm.

So my cat was up there following me and we talked a little. But when we walked to the stairs she stopped in front of it. She look down to the bottom stairs and didn’t move. Usually she would just go down or just do something else. But she just looked down there, as if she would see something. I got a strange feeling, but slowly walked down, while my mother turned off the lights upstairs. And when I was downstairs I looked up again and my cat still looked on the bottom stairs where I was, but not at me it seemed. And she looked a little irritated, not happy. I got a real bad feeling, but didn’t say so and I already thought when my mother walked passed the cat, that it might not be a good idea. But I didn’t know why for sure. I went away from the stairs to make space for my mother and when she reached the spot where the cat was looking at, she fell with the plate and what else she had in her hands. For a second I thought she was away, her eyes where closed. But luckily it were just a handful of boards and while be both where a little shocked and confused everything was fine. I got the things which were laying around her and then she first sat on the floor a little after the shock until she could get up after a couple of minutes. Then we looked at the stairs again and I realized some wood parts with nails in them and I asked what they were doing there and that I thought last time I saw them that they are dangerous, while I actually forgot about them complete until this point. And they were around the spot the cat was looking at. Would my mother having fallen a little bit on the other side, she might have been dead because of these nails. Their heads where pointing up, but still it would have been causing heavy damage at least.

Given that my aunt had at least one dream during the week, she first wanted to tell my mother, but then forgot about it, it sure is more than creepy.

While we were still on the stairways which are actually next to the front door, I noticed something moving outside. But because the small window has no clear class I could see what it was. Maybe it was another cat because sometimes other cats are also eating outside or even a fox sometimes. But man… I nearly freaked out. But I knew all was good at the moment. Still I knew I wouldn’t open that front door any time soon and told my mother to go into another room when she got up. Then the cat was laying down on the spot where she landed for a while.

I knew that the cat wasn’t the problem, the cat was helping us. Or at least it felt this way for me, but she couldn’t stop it from happening, while she tried by showing me. But I didn’t follow her call, her feeling.

God can be in my cat or acting through my cat. I needed help and God gave me help, helped my mother.

Then we sure knew we wouldn’t go out tonight. We then tried to calm down again and I decided we could watch a random episode of Stargate together. Before we started the cat was as if she wants to go out, but then she stopped in a weird way not far from the front door and went back again, as if she still felt something bad outside.

I heard something.

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