Day 79 (evening)

Yes, we should unite, but we shouldn’t give the control of the whole world to one man. Because the real Jesus would rule with us, when he will come one day. But the one who tries to convince us that he is Jesus, will just present himself as a strong man in the end, saving all as it seems, just to show his true face in the end.

So be sure who you give control and who you trust.

You could be blindly following the wrong person. You could be tricked. And in the bible it is said, that there will many come and especially the end boss you could say. And those who know, who see and actually believe will see when this day has come. Don’t follow a man who makes some tricks and wonders because it might be your enemy. Think for yourself and not just blindly follow. Because Jesus said himself that we should not simply trust one who says he is Jesus or who acts like him. Therefor, don’t trust me because I could be your enemy. Trust yourself, if you understand what I mean. Those who see, have to protect each other, have to trust each other.

But even Jesus got betrayed by one of his man, but he knew. And still he continued and didn’t point out who it was, until the time was that it happened. So don’t judge each other or search for a traitor because in the end you would just be fighting against each other. Unite through love, trust and believe. Not through religions, through others who say they want to. Because companies also say they want to help, but secretly abuse people and waste the planets resources like Nestle and such who go to Africa for example and take the water from the people only to sell it for a high price, so the people there have to work for them or hope for a donation or rain to drink.

Don’t trust nice words and fake smiles. Maybe the one who doesn’t smile is the one you can trust. But decide for yourself and don’t just listen to me. I don’t know all the answers, I am just a human soul like you. I am just trying to open some eyes, maybe help some people when I see they need someone. But I am not one you should depend your life on or anything because I am not more than you. Trust in God and Jesus, not people. But sometimes you just have to trust someone. Still, most importantly trust yourself, otherwise you could become your worst enemy or maybe you are already, like I was until recently.

Those I want to reach now, are those who wouldn’t easily believe everything, who might not believe me. Because they shouldn’t just believe me. Those I want to reach are those who think, those who decide through pure logic, those who are paranoid maybe, those who see no light, those who might have given up on themselves. You are not alone, you are not worthless. Jesus is strong in you and what you feel is the pain of the world, what Jesus felt.

And while we aren’t him and even if you don’t believe in God and Jesus, I don’t want to convince you or tell you, you have to. All you need is to trust yourself and that true love is possible because you would want it to be true. If you see all what is wrong in the world, you see what Jesus saw or at least a part of it and therefor you aren’t bad but good. Don’t listen to those who say you are lost because indeed you might feel lost now, feel hopeless and such, but if you know that it isn’t because you are wrong, but right and you can trust and love yourself again, you will see. You don’t have to do this on your own, you are not alone.

If you find God through a movie, then you find God through a movie. If you don’t see it yet, don’t worry. You are important no matter what and especially if you believe I am wrong. I don’t want you to simply believe and trust, question everything for good. I might be wrong with many things, so if I am wrong, tell me your opinion. We grow through these things and not by telling “I am always right and nothing you say can change that.” But we also shouldn’t always say “Everything I do is wrong.” because it isn’t likely and if you can remember good days, good thoughts you know. And if not, they will come now. How should you know what the next day will bring? Only God knows it all.

And as Bukoswki once said or at least something like that: “If you let them kill you, the will kill you.” Not just die or let others kill you, die for a good reason because you want to love and live.

But sometimes there might not be a way out, at least not for a human. God will find a way, so trust till the final hour. Stay optimistic and don’t let them take your soul. They can do whatever they want with your body, but they can’t get your soul. Only if you let them.

Sometimes our body dies, but our soul never dies and for me this is a good thing. Because I know, if I die, I will meet my true master and I will see truly everything. Now I just see a fraction of it all because although I have seen a lot and thought a lot, it is limited to my mind and time. But with God there is no time. Time has the power over everything, so while I haven’t seen it all and never will on this earth at least, I have seen enough and what I saw was good. Because often the words “I have seen it all” or “When you think you have seen it all.” are used in a negative way because of things happening in the world which are often horrible or just strange.

But as God saw it and said it was good, so I guess I can also say it is good. I just soon have to come down from my high frequency trip or whatever this is because otherwise I might get lost in the beauty and fascination of God’s creation. Not what humans do with it in bad ways, not what evil forces do with it, but how God is the good core of it all and how big the universe is. We are still just on this little point, there is so much to see with our own eyes. What we dreamed of and saw in movies, with our own eyes. Knowing isn’t everything.

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