Day 78 (until dawn)

I listened several times to my latest track (from the previous post) “Step beyond my time”. And then I finally decided to still go towards the forest. But it felt weird again, while this time I heard no animals again.

I just heard some motors in the distant somewhere. I decided to sit on the bench next to the cross road where the main road and the road which leads to the football / soccer field and grave yard goes. I was watching the stars for some time. And then I noticed one star which where shining a little brighter and it was also shimmery. I don’t know which one or whether it was a star after all, but it looked like one.

Then I heard a mouse I guess or something. I closed my eyes after a while just looking into the sky. It was quiet and peaceful.

Then after some time just sitting there like this, I heard a car coming towards me from the main road. But this isn’t the first time. Usually they just drive down there with up to 100 km/h sometimes. And the bench I was sitting on is actually a little bit more in the forest road, so usually the cars don’t see me. But then I opened my eyes, just in case. And I noticed the motor getting slower. I could see the light and then the car turned around towards me and passing the forest road right in front of me slowly. It was a black BMW I think or at least it looked like one for me. It slowly drove down the road towards the grave yard. I was pretty scared at that moment because I mean it was around 3 AM and it is Sunday and Easter and man… this sure was scary. And it wasn’t the first time such things where happening. Did I mention that I think I almost got kidnapped by satanists or people who were calling themselves as such? And did I tell you about the dead rabbits, about the footsteps and some incidents with cars at night?

Cars driving slowly? Satanists / cultists? Man… I guess I have to really ask this guy I met in the comment section of a YouTube video about his dream.

Maybe this car was just another one like me driving towards another part of the forest, but I felt pretty scared and when I saw the car actually driving towards the grave yard I quickly moved back home.

I heard breaking branches all around me in the small forest section next to the cross roads. I even heard a whistle or so I thought. Maybe an animal, but I felt watched, I felt unease. And then I heard noises from the factory and I thought, well probably some people working there, but then I thought, wait a second, it is Sunday. I mean you never know, maybe they work on holidays as well, but still.

And given that this guy told me that he often dreams about cultists walking around a big building and hunting him. Maybe he isn’t / wasn’t dreaming about himself, but me? O_O

I just remembered another creepy stories in which someone created a small simulation with basic elements for life. And in the time of some days some creatures developed out of it and they worshiped him and so on. And basically in some way the bible, from the perspective of a human acting as God. And then after some time the light went out, there was an outage, a blackout, so no electricity. And when the electricity was there again, the simulation was gone. And I think it was that when the person asked the housekeeper about it, that he told him that this was like three days this way because something in the house electric got broken I think. And then it was stated, that the actual God made this move to prevent another one to make the same mistake. But either way, another of those interesting stories which made me thinking some years ago.

The thought about the strange happenings and dreams is still open and I am still waiting for a reply.

#LaFamilia – a hashtag Gronkh used some years ago and people who watch him. Maybe still some use it. But it reminds me of some good tears I had during the Beyond two souls let’s play. This song was the end song and I already posted it, but this version is without game noises and it is such a good song compared with the memories and the game.

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