Day 75 (evening)

The thing is, as an INFJ you are natural to help and be honest. And if you find your way to be one with God, then you know all what felt as weakness was a strength and all what was called to be wrong by people was different. And in this the INFJ let’s go of their own to help the others. It is bad when there is no healthy relationship with God, but if so, God will give you what you need, when you need it, while you help others for him and through him.

If you know that God is not an old man in the clouds and that God is so much more and different from what most people think or told you, you just have to believe. I think that as an INFJ you will come to the same conclusion, if you really see it all. Because the INFJ naturally saw it, but this natural connection usually gets destroyed or damaged over time. So in the end you feel as if you are more connected with the opposite or that you are just a problem or something, while actually you naturally are the opposite in a good way. You were born naturally like Jesus in some way, but you got broken by the world. And if you see that becoming in some way Jesus or I should say, like Jesus, you are what you always were. While others may never be able to see it this way, you can.

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