Day 75 (late evening)

Listening to this let’s my body vibrate in a highly positive way. Like flying over the sea with a small air plane. Then you see some islands and big trees on them from above. You see whales swimming and while the sun is rising up you still see the stars slowly fading. Some clouds in the distant and it just looks so breath taking. To make you realize that we really are very small, compared to it all.

Many thoughts seem to get lost through out the day, your life or just a moment. Maybe you will never see them again or in a long time. But I think that these thoughts, if they were actually good, will always come back. Should you really lose them, someone else will get it. So they won’t be really lost, only transferred to someone else. In a universe where everything is connected, this is the case I guess. It would also be in line with the law of energy. “Energy is never lost, only transformed.” While our earth seems to die, a new earth will be created. But as long as we have this one, we should try to love what is left and try to save what we could. Even if we won’t save it all, at least we tried. God sees it all and if you want to do good from your heart, it will be noticed and not forgotten.

Even if no human on earth noticed your work, how great is what you are doing, how beautiful your mind is. Even if you can’t see it for yourself. God sees, God knows. Don’t forget that fallen angels once weren’t fallen ones.

Weren’t there fallen angels who later will be released and they know they did wrong? Maybe I mixed something up here, but still, we humans, we aren’t angels, but we are Gods children. And being able to be a child for good and live a life with the power of the whole universe on your side, isn’t that like a dream come true? For me it sure is and while I still not fully realize how great this dream which became reality actually is, when it comes to my mind, I know with my soul and heart. Now that I listen again, now that I can listen again.

I had to think about the connection in “Orphan Black”. One felt, while the other couldn’t. And this is how it is with us. We start we different environments. So we develop different, while inside we are very similar, still different in some way. One can feel, one can’t, one feels something in between. But wouldn’t it be great to stay open for the possibility that we who feel, can make those who can’t feel, feel as well? Maybe they just lost their ability to feel because it seemed better for them to survive in this world. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones. I always felt, but not always could express my feelings. I just had them inside and then I even turned colder and colder and it wasn’t good for me. It almost killed me, really killed me.

Love is feeling. Spread love, so others can love, so others know love is possible. True love. Most people fear to get hurt, so they don’t love, they hide themselves in numbers, in papers, in words. They get lost in them, they forget who they are and were, when they were little. Not realizing that would we all stay children, the world would be heaven. Children who just see love. Many children see what others do, adults do, so they get used to it. But I believe that most children would be good, if there would only be good around them. Why should they be bad, if they could do what they want in good?

But I know about the “if there is no bad, how should we know the difference?”. This is where the Yin and Yang with time takes action for me. For example, most people should know about the world wars and history. And we also know what horror happened there and still happens somewhere in this moment, sadly. If you know about this, but the world would be completely peaceful now, you still could decide to follow an evil path, but why should you, why would you? It might not be this easy, but people would be more likely to stay in the peaceful world, why should they want to make it bad again? But I don’t know how it will be, I just have a feeling. 🙂