Day 73 (early afternoon)

Enigma really has a name. Compared to the Enigma machine, this Enigma does the opposite. It doesn’t encode, but decode messages. And still they might seem encoded for the normal eye. So it is just a work in progress. A step by step experience. The order is not relevant. Where the step is taken, is irrelevant. Because it will always be different. Like the Enigma changed the code each day, the language stayed the same. And at one point they got behind the code.

This could be written for God or by God. Depending on the perspective. While it actually is just about two people. Maybe about Jesus and you. Not from a religious perspective, but from a universal perspective.

My latest track “Victor Negocik: trapped in time”. I couldn’t make a video given my broken computer, but I will make one through out the week, when the new one arrived and set up.

“Victor Negocik: trapped in time” – J.SYS
Abum: “Victor Negocik”
Comment: “Victor Negocik is just a name – and yet much more”

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