Day 72 (first hours)

I was walking towards the forest again just two hours ago. But I didn’t go into it, like last night. But this time it was all quiet at first. I just heard a dog somewhere, or so I thought. Then when I was in front of the forest, I heard a loud and scary animal scream / bark just 20-50m away. It sounded something like a dog and a crow or something. And man I instantly stopped. It was followed by loud noise of a breaking branch or something. I didn’t move. But not because I couldn’t move, I could have moved, but I was curious. I knew it could be a nightmare come true or just an animal sound I haven’t heard. After standing a minute nothing happened. Then I heard the sound again in the distant from inside the forest. But then also from behind me far away and then again loud barking noises also from behind so I looked into the other direction. And I knew I couldn’t be dogs. It still sounded scary, but because nothing scary happened, despite the sounds I just walked towards them and therefor home.

After a while they went quiet and when I reached the second tree corridor I just heard distant barking sometimes.

I still wasn’t sure what it was. I often stopped and listened to my surroundings. But nothing happened. Then I also heard some other animals sometimes. After some more standing around I decided to just go home for the night.

But I wanted to know what this sound was because it almost seemed like a werewolf sound or something like that. My imagination you know. 😀

After some research I found out that it is very likely to be a red fox because it was the only animal people decided which actually was possibly living here. The others were all american animals or from other countries / continents. So I might have heard some foxes talking or something like that. And when I first heard a sound like that, but in the distance around the same time, I also was a little scared, but couldn’t make it out. This time it was right in front of me and clear and loud. And after hearing some foxes on youtube I am very sure now that it was a fox warning the other foxes.

He probably was scared because I must have seemed like an intruder.

But the night before it was different. Something was off last night. And I mean maybe the fox wasn’t warning the others because of me, but actually me as well. Who knows. We will see. But wouldn’t I have stayed and also not go again towards the forest, I might have never known what it was I heard before.

Stay open and I mean the worst I imagine was a two meter werewolf like creature, so I guess a little fox is not that scary. Still the branch breaking was the most scary part about it. But well, it probably just was an echo or something and actually not that loud. Foxes man… ^^

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