Day 69 (early evening)

So it all comes together yet again. Beautiful minds, people, songs and souls.

I often get ads about “Are you scared of the current situation?” and other things like “How to see the good in the crisis”. And then I am like, well actually… I feel better than any time before this. Strange I know and I feel sad for all the people who suffer, loose their jobs, lives and things. I don’t feel good because of that, but now it is okay to be who I am. Now I can help others and don’t seem like the helpless because many feel helpless themselves now. But for me not much changed when it comes to how I live or how I am, just that I now realize how it really is and was all the time. And this is good.

So I don’t need this ads because I could make them myself, probably way better, with actual content and value (not to say that others don’t have content or value, but sometimes it seems and is that they just use the situation for their own benefit, as always).

For it wasn’t, I started this last year, when there was no virus, no crisis. And even when I started to write here, not just in private, it was January and still not that bad looking at the time. So no I did it because I had to, for me and maybe someone who needs it for themselves. I just did it because it felt right and still feels this way.

Would it feel wrong, then I would probably stop immediately.

So should I seem like one of these “I know everything, come to me” guys, who want money and fame, then sorry, but I am not one of them and don’t want to be like that. I am also not a preacher for any religion or believe, just my own thoughts and believe, but not to convince you, but to show you who I am, what I am and how I seem to work and so on. Should it inspire you, I am happy about it. Maybe you feel similar in some ways, have similar experiences. Maybe you are way different from me and think, how the heck could someone be like that or think this way?

This is not about me telling you a great story you all have to believe, otherwise you will be doomed or something like that. No, it is just (as the title says) – “One way to see the world” and pointed on me “Who are you?”.

The overall title is “The Almanac” because there is so much I want to tell and already did, in form of words, pictures, “images” / descriptions, videos and music. Therefor it felt as if it could become some sort of Almanac when I started in private at first, when I came up with the name.

The question is maybe “An almanac for what, about what?” But for me the answer is clear, while the words might not describe it fully.

My answer would be going into the direction of: “It is about love, about connection, about how we all work, about feelings, about everything together. It is like in V for Vendetta

(Recreated dialog – not the actual dialog)

Man: “Who was he?”
Woman: “He was my father, my mother. He was you and me, all of us.”

(Actual qu0te)

“He was Edmond Dantes. And he was my father, and my mother, my brother, my friend. He was you, and me. He was all of us.”