Day 66 (late afternoon)

Well, yesterday my computer broke because it overheated (fans stopped working and so on). Now I am buying a new one and we will see.

I am currently writing on my crapy notebook. Better than nothing, but I can’t really do much with it. (That thing probably 7 years old or something and has just a Pentium processer – 2 Threads so it can only do two tasks at a time if even.)

I could be mad, but I actually saw it the positive way, now I just have to go full in trusting what I am feeling and thinking about.

I see it as a sign for me and it worked as long as it had to work (the broken computer) and now I will move forward. Actually I would have needed a new computer soon anyways, so why not now, I guess. 🙂

I still have some money on the side and this is an investment because I will be able to do even better works with a new computer. For me as a programmer and also for creating art. It all needs processing power in my case.

If I would have no money at all I sure would have a problem now, but I have enough. And given the crash situation, I guess it is better to invest in things you actually want, have control over (later) and which help you in some way or even grow over time. Money is just a trust based system, others use for their benefit, while most suffer because of it and still most people trust in it. Now we see how great this system is. Even if they should be somehow able to “save” it again. It still should have shown, how broken it all is. The banks sure will find a solution, they always do, but in the end, they are still in control of the money because they own it, in some way. Not all banks, not the small banks, but the banking system in general.

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