Day 66 (first hours)

These days everything feels like always there, as if fullfilling my own prophecy, like a dream come true or what was meant for me. Sometimes it even is as if I have seen things already. Sometimes I might have dreamed it back in time. I sometimes had strange dreams where I did things I thought I would never do or could do. And now look, I am doing it. Maybe these dreams where visions from my future and present, but I can’t remember what they were about. But from the feeling, it was what I wrote.

And we are at a turning point in history, maybe the biggest turning point since the old days before the big flood or what else did happen in the times before we wrote or what was lost.

Maybe we already where at a point like this, but still different.

But this time is different, it feels different. It feels big, it is scary and yet beautiful in its strange way. When you know that everything will be fine no matter what, it is beautiful, but on the other hand at first it will be horrible. Still, we don’t have to fear or should I say, let us drag down from fear? The fear should only tell us, that something is dangerous, but it shouldn’t tell us, that we can’t be stronger, that we can’t fight it. Because we can and we are, if we can be our true selfs.

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