Day 65 (first hours)

Music truly is a language we all can speak. But sometimes this or that is better for us or more fitting in a situation. Through music we can speak, while with words we often get confused. If you like the same music, you don’t need much words because all the words you want to say, are already in it without the need for them.

We all have a connection and through love it gets even stronger, while for me love and connection are the same in some way.

Things can be different and still the same, while there also is always space for a suprise. And together we can build a lot, but if it is not for good, we shouldn’t build it, still we often build such things.

But the same thing won’t happen again, while it can be similar or completely different.

For me personally, the world will stand a while and we won’t die just now, while many will through things will are happening now and will happen in the near future. But there is hope because if you can see the souls, the hearts and not just what is visible to us with our normal eyes, you know there is no need to sorrow, no need to fear. We still do sometimes, it is how we are, still from the souls perspective, there is no need for it all because it will be alright soon or already is. It depends on how you see, feel and act.

We aren’t perfect, but as I often wrote, this is what makes us perfect in the end. Because it is not possible, we still can be when we are open for deep love for each other and not just as a romantic thing or something, but a genral love we always have. It won’t always find a response because many people don’t understand, won’t understand and just don’t see it yet, but just because they can’t right now, doesn’t mean they will never see. Give them time and a chance to change and understand. Don’t act like them, but just be honest and kind. This is no law, it is what you want, when you see, and when you can’t see yet, you will because you want to. Otherwise you wouldn’t read all this, I guess.

My words are just a fraction of what I would want to show you, I still hope all these things together tell the right message for you. If it feels strange to you, it might be different for you, if it feels wrong to you, maybe you need some time and if you think ‘this is what I am talking about’ I would be happy to hear from you. But of course I want to hear from you all and read and listen.

It is just that for my part I feel pretty alone with my thoughts most of the time and I am always happy when there are other people who think the same in some way. And if someone has different thoughts, but wants the same I am also interested of course. I want to know everything, I got everything and there is still so much more, I still have to process, while it already is there and always was. My brain is not fast enough, not capable of processing at all once, my soul is faster and just does and knows, while my brain still has to learn and process all my heart and soul had always known.

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