Day 65 (evening)

I setting up some things like a website for some tools and for personal usage and friends. So not much writing atm. 🙂

Know the danger, so that you know what to prepare for. Fear the unknown, but still reach out for it, when you know what you are doing. And if you want to understand, you will, but it isn’t always about doing things, but also about observing, listening and then maybe doing something. Doing something without knowing a thing about it, can go wrong or go right, but it is gambling. Know your enemy, know your friend, otherwise both could be the opposite. And do it with open arms, not with a knife behind your back, but be prepared to get hurt, while you could also be suprised in a positive way. If you block yourself from the unknown, how should you be able to grow? Think out of the box and the box will grow, only to think out of it again.

But nonetheless there is good and bad. Know where you stand or want to stand and nothing can fully break you, only hurt you real bad. But when you know where you stand you can stand up again. Otherwise, how should you know where to stand on, if you don’t even know where the bottom is – how deep you could fall?