Day 59 (morning)

People all over the world are now coming together and connect and spread love over the internet, over balconies and other ways from home.

The world has become one small ball in space.

It always has two sides. So on one side it is logical and good to give everyone an ID, to be able to help them and I really believe this is a good idea. But on the other side, when use against people, they could have a record of you as well and hold it against you. So while I support a united world, the united world will most likely be fake, if you don’t know the people leading it personally. And even then or especially then, it might be an even bigger problem because you could get blind.

Remember, the world never changed, it only looks different now. So don’t believe everything you see, while there are many people like this woman who really want the right thing. Go for them, support them, but don’t just think that everyone who supports them, does it because of a good heart. Even if they should do, in the end, it all could be used against us. This is always the problem with governments, with control about many, while a few have the power. Even when they are elected, how should you know, they aren’t getting black mailed? But still, I am for a united world, but maybe in the heads, like the people singing, talking from the videos I shared. A world without borders in the heads.

This is what we can achieve, at least for some and for ourselves, but I don’t believe that we will get a government that will really be there for us. Don’t get this wrong, it will probably be this way at first and act this way, but in the end, when most are trusting it, it maybe falls into our backs, the true believers, the true fighters, those who wanted it in the first place. Because they would know, that we know, it isn’t how we thought it should be.

But if darkness is like a friend to you, the others should fear you.

If darkness is not the evil, but the good hiding in it. Then we are all hiding in the darkness and those who fear the darkness, have to fear what is within it, because it is us. Not the evil, but the good.

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