Day 58 (early afternoon)

These things never die, the same way the innocence inside of us never dies on its own, only if we kill it ourselves. Even then it might still lives on somewhere else. Who knows. I am on my way, returning back to myself, to innocence, but with what I have learned in the mean time. So that I can be whole and with it able to be peaceful, while the world around me is burning.

Still I know, which is good, so I can be with others and others with me. Everyone is welcome, even those who want or wanted to hurt me, why should I let anyone out there in the cruel world? I have nothing to lose, so either it is my end or it grows the peace or both. Why should I judge, when there is nothing I can lose? Others can judge, but I shouldn’t because I am just a soul, like any other, how should I be able to say what people can or can’t, what people are and what they are not? Come all in, but please in peace.

I finished the second season of Kingdom (accidentally called it The Kingdom before). It had some good dialogs and speeches and I just liked the characters. They all had a very unique style, kind of talking and acting. And I liked that it was an korean series, from which the actress playing the female doctor, also played in Sense8, another very good series you check out.

On Friday I also watched a movie alled 15:17 to Paris and while I first thought, this is probably a basic American catastrophe action movie, it turned out to be something way different. It actually was more telling parts of my own story and feelings and had a spiritual part. Actually telling it in a realistic way and not in a “it has to be this way” kind of way, if you understand what I mean. It was far better than I expected it, because as I said, I expected a basic action movie or something, while it was more about lost people and problems, until something happened.

These are words which could be read on my funeral, or on a wedding, it depends. Deep and honest words.

#StayHome #StaySafe And spread the love! ❤💜💗

And should your work needs you on the streets, in hospitals and things like infrastructure, your work is honourable, but still – stay safe and care for others! 🙂 And from my side a big purple heart (or similar things) for those who risk their life in the fight against the virus, like all the doctors, nurses and other helpers. God is on your side.

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