Day 57 (early morning)

There is some snow outside, the air is cold and fresh. A very calming and peaceful morning. But on the other side the snow probably didn’t help much in case of emergency. Things always have at least two sides, sometimes more (called gray areas).

For me we have three major scenarios for the future, but two will involve a new kind of government or at least a new way of living, while one just expresses the believe or hope many have, that everything will be in some way normal after some weeks or months, despite the major loss in economy and people of course. We will see. I expect the worst, but not now, I see it in the next years. But I don’t know for sure, it just is what I think and some think or believe. I am writing about it with caution now, I guess. Because some could misinterpret it or even think I am supporting their believe, while I might would in some way, but not all of it.

Now it will first get horrible, but then it will get even worse and then, then it will be alright. Stay safe folks, I love you.

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