Day 56 (afternoon)

I know I already had this one recently, but it is just so majestic, just had to add it again, but this time from the records channel.

One of the songs I heard that I heard for many years here and there. And I just knew it was different, in a good way. Now I know why it actually is different – it has soul.

Minimalism is really the key and I just naturally had it, others just didn’t understand.

Too many people couldn’t take it anymore. Too many things went wrong.

This system was meant to fail, but don’t think it will fall just now.
The actual system is much bigger than countries, borders and people.

“The world never changes, it just looks different.” Remember that. So even if they tell, everything is fine, how should you know? Feel it, and if it still feels wrong, you know it isn’t over yet. But don’t give up, you are the worriers in this battle and you fight for the good side.

So except for giving up, stand up because you have nothing to lose. Stand up for all the good what is left. This world was meant to fail, but it doesn’t mean that we all have to.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”