Day 55 (early morning)

We are all sisters and brothers in arms now. We are in the same boat.
The thing is, that I know what the consequences of this probably will be.
I already wrote about new technology, about old technology, I wrote about how to control the world and things.

For me this scenario is like an inenevitable event, just waited for by some, while others probably didn’t think it could happen, at least this quick.

In my eyes now is the perfect time to sell people things, they wouldn’t have wanted just a year before. I already wrote at some point that for example some kind of chip wouldn’t forced on people, but people would want it for themselves in some way. Before a major crisis, people usually don’t think about these things and even in it some don’t realize what could happen, for the better and for the worse.

So while this is not about “it is this way” or “I have the info”, it is just a possibility and one which in my eyes makes more sense now. I also wrote about, that I would be the perfect salesman for a chip or such technology because I know what the benefits really could bring. (Some of the things I wrote about previously aren’t public, just so you don’t get confused.)

I will now again write about the benefits and how they will be helping us.
If we all would have some kind of chip (it doesn’t matter what it can do or can’t, imagine it can everything in some way), many things would get so much easier.

Every card you currently own would just be in some way connected with the chip in the future. Now paper and metal money anymore, so you wouldn’t need a money bag anymore. Next would be health care, the chip could be connected with your body and current condition.

This could help in an emergency situation because doctors could see where people need the most help, who is in a critical state and so on.

While most data is not saved on the chip itself, it will have some identification numbers and securities, to connect them with your data (e.g. Estonia). This way we would have so much improvement, man the world would be spinning like a disco ball.

No more waiting in shops, if things won’t get transported at home anyways because the chip could be easily scanned while in the ship. In case you take something it gets recognized by some sensors and combined with your chip this would be counted as buying, in case you should leave the ship with the object. (There would even be a little more improvement possible, sure, but isn’t this enough for now).

Knowing all this possibilities, would you want one? I sure would want one.
But then on the other hand it is dangerous because it could get hacked or just used by either a secret group or just misused by governments, to control people. You see, that it sure is a problem because on one side it would make so many things better, I mean really, but on the other hand it could also help some people to control many. Even if it would just be a group who would hack these things. Many possibilities.

If someone would offer me a chip, I would probably refuse for the negative possibilities, but maybe I would try to hack it, for good. Because the consequence would be, that if you at some point won’t have this chip thing, you won’t be able to be a part of society and can’t do anything. No health care, not able to buy things, you would be an outlaw. And this scenario is very likely to happen, but as I said, in my eyes, most people would want this chip anyways because even I would want it, if I wouldn’t look on the negative “side effects”. I hope you understood, that this is a theory and that I don’t want to convince anyone to believe it or say “this is it guys”, I just want to share my thoughts on this topic and that you always have to look on both sides.

While conspiracy theorists or people who are against chips and these things, have a point, they often don’t really think about it and don’t have real arguments.

In my eyes these technologies could be a chance, if in the right hands.
So even if you might refuse to use it in the normal way, you could still use it.
And just going against any new technology is in general a very problematic thing in general, but also not over hyping it. Always think about it in at least two ways, as good and as bad and then if possible in many layers of gray as well.

Humans can do strange things, horrible things, but also amazing things.
Don’t just follow the everyone else, don’t just believe my words, it could all be wrong and I mean, I personally sometimes don’t know whether I really believe what I am writing, because of my mental problems.
Just think for yourself and don’t just say you do, while you follow other people’s opinions. I mean I sure grew through them, but I didn’t just blindly follow them at least not all the time.

And I believe that what we try to achieve with technology, is partially already possible without. In my eyes humans are able to heal themselves, even very bad wounds and injuries, which usually would need a surgery.
This doesn’t mean, that it is possible for anyone because most people can’t do this right now and maybe never. It is about a chance and a possibility.

So I believe that everyone could get there, but won’t and that some people are naturally there or near it already, while others are on the other end.
The same goes for things like knowing, what other people really think, feel and need, etc. We are very bad at that for the most part, but some people are able to know it, also in different ways. Some by simply observing and others even through visions or things.

(4-5 year old TED talk)

Well, I goes not many did listen, while some millions did watch.
(If they didn’t just watch it now, like me.) And I mean this was in 2015 man…

I guess it didn’t need people, to kill people because in some way we doomed ourselves in so many ways already, that it was most likely to be like it is now. Only thing is, can we win or can’t we win? In a finite world, there won’t be a chance for the better, not now. I still believe that the world will still have a lot of people next year, but that many things will be and would already be changed.

Stay open for possibilites and don’t just ignore them because they are in areas you don’t want to associate with (conspiracy theories, religion, etc.).

Just don’t get lost in it because noone and nothing has the full image of it all. They all just have fraction, but you have to be open for these fraction, to see it all or at least try to.

It is like solving a basic puzzle game, but you only like corner pieces or only like pieces with four holes and such things. You wouldn’t be able to solve the puzzle, even if you should be one of the best puzzle solvers or at least have the abbilities. Therefor you have to accept every piece of the puzzle and try to find the right piece for the right time and position.

No everything I write, not everything I thought and find, is right or maybe in the right context all the time. But I am trying to do it right or at least as good as possible, without getting lost in strange theories and concepts.
But it is good to listen to others, especially when they have strange and different opinions in some way. I mean, some things might be less important than others because they go completely against well known facts, but still, maybe you find some new ideas through it anyways, while the actual thing was just garbage. Like some dreams or ideas, which aren’t helpful, are weird and confusing maybe, but they open the door for new perspectives sometimes, at least for me.

I am open for your opinion, but sometimes I might act as if I am not. It depends on one thing, are you open or not? But either way I am interested, only some things hurt me more than others while in the end, it could just be a misunderstanding of some sort. Just know that I am interested in everything, but that I clearly want to distance myself from evil things, so that you don’t think, I would also want to harm people or worse, but I have to understand it anyways. Hope it makes sense for you.

My thoughts are with you all. Not all of us will survive, be it the current outbreak or what the furture holds for us. Maybe in 10 years the world is a better place and we laugh about it this time, but I bet it won’t be like that.
Still I am open for it. My mental health just has a problem with thinking that everything could be the same after all. Because I got damaged while the world was “normal”, but I don’t want all these people to die. From another perspective, they are all just in a better place now. Still, my prayers are with you, however you think this is meant. If you know me, you know what I mean, but maybe it is just me alone.

Stay safe, be kind, care for the person next to you and don’t freak out.
Let love stand at the top, not fear and eogistic behaviour.
Even if it might just be a few of us, better than nothing.

You don’t have to care about everyone, but for me this is just the way it is, while it is sure still harder to care for those who are against you, in the end you might be thankful for it. Just now it is difficult or impossible for you to think about it, in this way. For me not caring at all, means being ignorant. But if it should help you to on the other hand still help others, I won’t say that it was totally wrong. Everyone has their own way of life and living, some have to still find it, while others already have it.

And I just realized that the current death toll, is around the same number like in the TED talk about ebola from 2015. Yesterday it was 9,000 and today it already is more than 10,000, just half a day later.

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