Day 54 (second hour)

I am a soul of many things. Many things I can call my own.
Many problems, many mircales. I can say, I understand it all, while in the end I fear I am the only one, or all is just a broken dream, while I then still have to be like others, to work, to work and work.

But I won’t, I can’t, I will do it like this, through the things I can do, have to do and not through what depresses me because of all these masks, misunderstandings and problems, added upon my own, still healing.

So I guess that many things are possible at the same time. While at least for my part, I have to go through this on my own. There are many things.

And I know that BPD is a thing for me, while I started just with autism. So I got BPD because of the problems, but I am actually having autism.
So for me mental health diagnosis are just “current” states of mind. And they are all changeable, if there are people who support you in some way.

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