Day 53 (morning)

So I guess, I will from now on go a little lower on network.
Switzerland already is talking about shutting down or at least lower Netflix speed and network speed in general because of many people staying at home using internet and stuff.

Now I wish I really had some solar panels man… And maybe also some water filtering system, so I could use rain water at worse.

Well, for now things are still working around in my area it seems, but in my region / state inside Germany I am in the one with the 3rd highest number of infections and inside also in a region with one of the most infections.

I think I “nailed” it. 🙂 But for me personally there is no problem, I just don’t want any of you to get infected or have a lot of trouble because of this crisis.

I guess I will stick to writing my book and maybe listen to some offline music soon, maybe just use paper now instead of my pc, we will see.

I am in general most of the time on my computer, so it will be a change, but I had not much of a problem in times I had no access to it. So won’t be that much of a problem. But still a small change. We will see how it goes.

I think especially nowadays not using technology and internet and things, is a real problem for us. Not for all people of course, but people like me who are in general most of the day using it in some way, either to work, to play or just relax and things. In the last months I got more into nature again, but now, maybe I will do this even more often, maybe even to write or read.

I haven’t really read a book in a while and the last book I finished one or two years ago took me probably a year to read, while it actually wasn’t that big. But for me it was even more interesting this way, yeah I know strange, but it was like a glass of wine for me or how I suppose it is for others. Because I actually don’t like wine or alcohol at all.

So for now, if I won’t post that often or maybe not at all for a day, it is probably because I am doing something different. It still could also be because of something bad, but I am in some way optimistic right now.

See you soon, read you soon and stay safe. Spread the love. 💗

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