Day 52 (until dawn)

We are all realizing now how little time we really have.
Maybe we are granted some more time now, to do what we didn’t do.

This all really feels like the walking dead and The Kingdom in some way. But maybe in 6 months we will be laughing about it, because it got too real or because things are normalizing again.

In the other hand does it feel like the reverse Mauerfall. Interesting feelings. I personally believe that this won’t be the end, but the start of it. The end of the world as we know it.

Now that more and more people realize how fragile and trust based our systems are, we might be able to love each other more than before.

Sadly if it should get worse, this could turn into the opposite because I guess at some point people usually just care about themselves and how they can survive. I mean who knows what could happen next. This is not just about COVID19, now is an historic time, so you never know what comes around the corner.

I had some russian salmon with some kind of crisp bread.
Now I will make another track and maybe take a shower and then take another walk out into the forest.

Funny thing, the program I use to record and edit my music is also called Audacity. 🙂

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