Day 52 (early morning)

After my short walk through the forest an hour ago, I then continued the series Timeless (on Netflix). Specifically the 9th episode of the second season. And now at the middle of it, there was a scene in which a woman in the past (it is a series about time travel and about changing history), told the main characters (which are the time travellers), that she now knows where she first had seen them. She said it was in a dream and that God had told her that they would come. And then she said the well known phrase: “The ways of the Lord are inscrutable.” I just had to stop and write this down here.

Everday, things get stranger and everything seems to more and more turn into what I always believed and thought of. Is it really time for the end now?

For me this doesn’t mean that everything will end in a couple of months, but it means, that the end has began. However it will be, the signs are there.
Even if you don’t believe in the things I believe in or are open for, you must realize that one way or another the world can end and it is more likely for the world to end or just get worse, than that it will get better.

It is not about what you see, but what you feel.
And for me this is hope, love and a little pain because of my personal state and maybe the connection to all these people out there.

When I am talking about the ending of the world as we know it, this doesn’t mean, that next year there won’t be states anymore. For this could mean, that actually most will remain, but things will change drastically.

Yes sure, it will be hard times, but for me, I don’t think that we will all die and I also don’t think that it will be the end just yet, but it is near.

For me this is a good thing, because for me it doesn’t mean that then there would be nothing, or just darkness. So if you should worry about the future or about the possible dark, strange and dangerous times, worry no more.
Just love the people close to you and forget about the anger and conflicts you may have or had. I also have to tell this to myself, I am not better than anyone else. I am just writing what is in my head and comes from my heart.

Man, this last one gave me the chills and also a tear because of love.
When I got to the forest this morning I also had some tears falling down.
Strange times people and I love it, but I don’t want you do be in danger.
Stay safe, be loved and love one another. How ever it will continue from this point on. I believe in love and a marvelous future, in some way.
Maybe not marvelous in a way you would call it, but it depends on the perspective, as alway.

Love you folks. 💞

(Around two hours later)

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