Day 51 (early morning)

Around 6 AM I got out of bed and into the forest.
Sun was just rising up and the birds were already singing.
I had a short walk and leaned at a tree for some minutes, just breathing air and smelling the air and relaxing.

So I had my forest walk and it was good, but for sure my health state is not that well for many reasons. Almost the whole night my cat was sleepingg at my feet in bed. Todays walk was again were refreshing and intense.
I felt the power all around me in a good way and all the singing birds, even flying around me at times. From darkness to greatness.

I guess I would still prefer to walk at night or around dawn, like today for now, because I still don’t want to meet other people, while I actually would like to meet other people like me in the forest for example. I think you understand what I mean. But in general these are really a strange and fascinating times.

It is strange, I still have this fear to be rejected, but at least it is getting lesser now. Just all these years of hiding, masking and the trial for fitting in or just survive cost a lot. I really love you all and if I should act weird, as if I am weirded out by you or maybe even as if I am rejecting you, it is just the damage inside of me because I learned to play the rejector role and it teached me, but it is not what I need and want anymore. So if we should meet and I should look at you with judging look or stare, please this is not who I really am, it is what is still a part of me. And I am working on it, to get where I was a kid, to let me be taken over fully by my soul and the higher consciousness, our master, how ever you see it for yourself, I believe in it this way and in many ways. Only if something is harmful just in the way it is, it is wrong to believe in it, but still even in it something good can grow.
Just be open in a way to see the possibility for love, hope and kindness in things you won’t expect them to be, normally.

Thank you for your love and time. 🙂
We are all in it together in the way that we are all connected in some way.
Even if we don’t think we are or don’t want to be.
And it is a good thing. Without energy, my computer wouldn’t work, without connection, sooner or later, we won’t really work. We need power, we need love, connection, we also need energy.

I ate something half an hour ago and now my heart got some “needle” hurts. But I know that I don’t have to worry, when the time comes, I am ready. And when I have to stay for others, I will. It is in the hands of the higher forces.

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