Day 50 (afternoon)

This guy xD just made me laugh almost the whole time.

Well, I guess yesterday was the first wave for the heart or whatever it is. I still might be infected with something after all, could just be some infection.
But it could really be a lot. I just can’t tell at the moment, but I know that my heart is weaker now. So the feeling I had yesterday afternoon came back around noon and stayed since.

I should probably go out for a walk in the forest now, while it is still day light outside.

I will leave you the stress lieve mix and maybe just take a walk now.
I actually wanted to continue my book, but now I think the best thing would be to go out for a walk again. Not when it comes to rational “how should you behave with a weak heart”, but from my experiences.

Till later guys.

Change of plans.

I started listening to it and played to rounds of Warframe to try out my new prime Warframe I built last week. I will now probably eat something and watch another episode of timeless. After that it might get darker outside anyways.

It also just doesn’t feel good thinking about walking to the forest.
If I would be already in it or if it should be next to my house, okay, but I have to walk a little till there. Not long, just a some hundred meters.
Still it feels like a lot now. We will see, how I feel in an hour or so.

Because of the state of my heart so to say.

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