Day 50 (evening)

My home country Germany, is closing the borders.
The stock market is falling and falling.
More and more people are getting sick and dying.
Not just because of the virus, but in general.

I created a new track and I called it: Mori cordibus vestris / Dying hearts

We will see how things will continue from this point.
It all still feels like a dream to me and I can’t tell whether I should say it is a good dream or a bad dream because for me personally it is a good dream, but in relation to everyone else, it is a horrible nightmare.

Still despite the possible danger, I am calm, maybe the most calm since my early childhood. Nothing can get me down as a soul. Just my brain maybe, but not my soul. I love you all. 🙂 Stay safe! ❤

I actually watched almost two episodes of Timeless and then I created the track. And now I am finishing listening to the 1 hour mix I posted at the end this afternoon.

I don’t know about going into the forest right now.
My heart seemed to get a little better, but still I am not sure whether I should risk the walk. Maybe around midnight or something or I might just go to bed soon and try to walk tomorrow around dawn.