Day 47 (late evening)

World is going down and I am happy about it (in some way), while I could cry for how stupid it all might end.

When I think about the world ending, it is almost the same feeling I had, when I was ready to die two years ago, only difference, this time it also makes me sad because of all the good people who might suffer because of it.

Stock market is on the lowest since 30 years, Trump had contact with an infected, Tom Hanks is infected and more and more people are dying and getting infected. I know not all of us will die, but I guess shit will be going down. I guess by my luck, I won’t die because of it. Otherwise, I would be happy because my wish finally came true. But so far these things didn’t come true and if so, I broke them because it simply wasn’t meant for me.

Thank you for reading or just stumbling over this.
Love to you, if it means something to you. ❤

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