Day 46 (till afternoon)

Finally. I have my online banking, I officially have my house as main home and property again and we were buying a lot of food. My feelings are hurting a lot, I didn’t thought it would be this heavy, while I know it would be. But now it is done. Unnecessary things, at least in my eyes, but at least they are over. Now I have to get well again. I mean to the state I had this morning, which wasn’t well in the way of stable, but I felt better for sure.

Well and adding to the stress and pain, I also feel an empty stomach because the last time I ate something was probably around 4 AM and now it is almost 1 PM. I mean it could be worse, but the most pain comes from the social interaction I would say. I will have to calm down and eat something.
But actually I still have the same weight for months because sometimes I eat almost nothing and then I eat too much on one day. I know it isn’t good, but it is just a side effect of the actual problems.

And I know all that, but yes I will eat something now and then maybe check for that language learning platform to start learning russian, finally. Something I could do, to make myself a little less useless and also motivated because when I first tested the app I had a lot of fun with it, but it was just a week of free access. No pressure and just all these nice details and interesting conversations.

I guess I will learn russian this year, yay.

But guess what didn’t work? I couldn’t use it with the language platform yet. Either because I first need money in there (added some money to start with) or because it doesn’t work the way I thought it would because it asks for a bank account, while I already have mine added and when I want to add it, it says, it is already added, what is true… 😀 Technology. I will leave it for today and hope tomorrow it will work. Otherwise I will try another way I guess or just rage about it. Technology…

Man, and I thought with online banking should get easier.
Something is wrong. All I try or do, just doesn’t work for me, only for others.
I always first have to rage or fall into a trap or give up. Why?
Something is really not good. And I just have to calm myself again now.
Man I just wanted to get online banking for this language thing and guess what still not works… exactly.

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