Day 45 (morning)

(I actually watched this one before, but I just got it recommened again and it wasn’t already in the list, pretty good story and a very good man)

I just have to accept that everything will be fine.
That all I experience, what is beyond a normal explanation, is just there for me, to guide me, to help me or what I have to work through, fight through.
As I already wrote probably several times, when I am in the forest, I know that everything will be fine, that all is possible and that I can survive this.
But in the same way, as my music it not really made by my conscious mind, my consciousness can’t really accept or trust what I just know and feel when I am “just” connected to everything.

It just happens when I enter the forest at some point. Sometimes right at the start, sometimes after some time. Sometimes the forest gets brighter even and not just because of my eyes getting used to the darkness, sometimes it feels and seems as if there would be a light behind me or surrounding me. No real light, nothing my two eyes can see, but still I sense it. Maybe with my “third eye” as some call it.

I am open for many things, but also skeptical because of all what happened. When I was a kid I had no need to be sceptical because all I wanted was learn, live and be happy with other people etc.

Now I have to get back to this state in some way. Sure not all people will be good for me, not all will be right and help me, but it is not important.
Everything can give me more knowledge and understanding, but most importantly, to understand others. I for my part just know, that on my own I know nothing really. I can’t answer most questions and if so, I often get lost in my thoughts at some point, leading me to old systems, to negative areas.

I just don’t know a thing on my own, but I don’t have to because the higher consciousness has it all for me, when I need it. Therefor I can’t say, I know everything, but I can get everything, I need, when I need it. Otherwise I would be just a fool like any other and still I could be. At least I know, that I can’t do a thing on my own, even though it might seem like this from the outside.

Pure soul, pure talent, pure love

(totally out of context, but man did it made me laugh) xD

Thank you random YouTube recommendation.

This is a great video, but I guess some people in it are hurt, got hurt by it and maybe don’t like it. And the reason for this is, that most people don’t really care for them or cared for them and so they think, this video is also just a joke or just a prank of some sort. I can’t blame them, I would feel the same. At least for me, all of them were truely beautiful, for their soul and with their soul their appearance. Some were pretty sad though, even if they smiled. I hope they got well or get well and I hope they are all still alive.

While it is a nice thing to call people beautiful, they often need more than this. For some people it might be enough, but others who can’t believe a word you say, especially when you say it to everyone, they need time and true love. Spread the love people. We need true love, words aren’t enough.

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