Day 45 (first hours)

My book has now around 18,500 words and in the current A5 format 80 pages. But these are only 230 words per page in average. In A4 format I only have 50 pages or something what would be 370 words per page. But according to other people 500 is the average word per page count. Well, I am not them. 😀 And you can write as many words as you want. If there is no value in them, it doesn’t matter.

Maybe my book has no value for most people, would be okay and I can understand that. But at least if it would help or just interest a handful of people, it would be enough, I guess. Just so that it wouldn’t be for nothing.

I turned my forest walks into warrior training, into soul healing sessions, into a save place, into my heaven in some way. My second home is the forest, I just wish I could live there forever and that I would be able to survive without money, just with my own food, water from a river.
Maybe, maybe one day. Maybe until then, I can find my second home to be waiting for me. So that I have something to hope for. Without these dreams and hopes, just work and dead in the end, this life would be pointless for me.

But these dreams and hopes should become true and not just when I am an old almost dead man or never because I die from a stroke with 30 or before. So I have to live it, love it. I have to trust the forest, love the forest and go for it, so that it may be my home one day soon.

I also did cut my hair finally, no beard and also no wool on many other areas and my head is a little lighter again. Then I took a hot shower and it felt great. Such a relief.

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