Day 44 (until dawn)

I was in the forest for almost an hour again.
And it was a special experience. On the walk towards the forest, my heart started to hurt, like needles or small sharp things hitting it. I were shaking.
Then at the beginning of the forest I decided to walk with eyes closed.
And I just heard and felt with my feet where I was walking. Sure I cheated a couple of times when I felt unsure a took a look, but I walk several hundred meteres without looking. I heard the rain dropping down, the wind and my foot steps on the little stones on the wood road.

At one point a raven or crow were flying over the trees and made noises.
It was around 5 AM when I walked to the forest and now it is 6:44 AM.
This time I felt an even deeper conntection and maybe I should wear something in front of my eyes next time, like a bandana or just some linen.
I didn’t walk that far, but it was enough because the walking is not what is calming me. I just stood there on the road with eyes closed for some time and also with my arms opened, facing down to the road, but away from my body. During this deep connections I also had tears in my eyes, but it was not really as if I were crying, they were just there, maybe because of the connection maybe because of the cold, but I had my eyes closed. Who knows. It still was special in some way.

(I just found this picture and yep I actually made this pose, but there weren’t any birds and I am not Jesus :D)

But talking from birds, when I walked out of the forest, it was shortly after 6 AM and when I passed the road part with the fields I started hearing birds and they were all singing along the whole time until I was home. It was like a choir of birds all greeting me and the morning.

About the light I had seen yesterday, I checked again and yes it is just a street light somwhere on a distant hills. Still interesting, but nothing strange.

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