Day 39 (ealry morning)

And big companies and powerful people use this as an excuse I guess.
“There has to be conflict, so let’s just continue the game of conflict. It is fun!”
I get the point of conflict, of course, but there is also a change possible. And power could be transformed or used in a different way. So if you say that conflict is necessary, then why should I be kind? Why should anything should be good, if conflict is all? Therefor we have a point in which I don’t fully agree with Alan yet again. A conflict in opinions is one thing, but killing people is another. I am for conflict in opinons and maybe battles, without dead people, but not on the cost of good things, if you understand.
Conflict is necessary, but not every conflict can be excused of being necessary. Maybe this is what he meant, maybe not. But I can’t support wars because it simply goes against my soul.

Perfectly fits to another biogical chemical incidence.

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