Day 38 (until dawn)

Tonight I finished watching the third episode of Life is Strange 2.
It really is something which makes you wanna smash the screen because it is so … why does it have to be so unrealisticly realistic? (People don’t learn, but actually some learn) And why do the controls have to be so stupid sometimes? You could say, that it is meant to be that way and that forgetting them is part of the journey, but well still not good sometimes. And also the missing timer once… man that wasn’t nice. In real life we normally have no timers for decisions, but we know it and in this game normally you have no timers as well, but if so the game tells you and so you trust it to show you the timers and then it doesn’t at some point or is just too quick after a cut scene. Still I will finish watching it.

And I should probably create an extra page for links to older posts because the menu is just getting very big. Didn’t expect it to go this long nor this many posts in this short time. Maybe I will do that today and also finally get into online banking with Paypal and other things. Never used these for several reasons. Maybe this will change now. Before I either used Paysafecard or good old bank transfers with papers.

I am still not really happy about it in this way, because a block chain payment would more what I would be into, but then it is a little bit allover the place right now.

We will see. I support the idea of transparency and that everything is traceable, but still anonym in some way, at least in the original intention.
But then anonymity wouldn’t be necessary if everything you want is good.
We will see. I think that the current situation will cause a major crash on the stock market (already taking place) and maybe even causes a economy changes. Alltogether this year will definitely have a major impact on human history.

Alan Watts just makes everything positive in some way. I might not agree with every of his words yet, but also don’t want to deny any either. Because his view on the world was a great one. Mine sure is different because my approach is to understand the need for suffering, but also no need for it at all. So that it is somewhat a problem, that it is natural to be a problem when you are not and unnatural to be just able to be who you are. And then in the context of energy, it is just logical to say that positivity, attracts negativity and vise versa. So that the good ones get blame and hate and the bad ones get fame and rate. But of course it is more complicated than that. It is just a very, very simplified version of what it is all about. In other words. The people in Africa did nothing to get tortured, enslaved, killed and still living in bad conditions. Because they were good to nature and had no need to conquer the world (at least most of them as far as I know), others did this to them. This doesn’t mean they did everything right, but compared to the europeans they were completely different in several ways. So it is “natural” that they got killed and enslaved because they had other priorities.

(Dude, did you say that african people deserved to be slaves and killed and ruled by foreign countries and all that torture and shit?)

No, of course not. It is horrible to even think that. The opposite is what I want to say. The didn’t deserve it, the did nothing to get this hell upon them and therefor they got it. In other words, we should build up Africa to a shining world, a good place to live and to help all the people there, so that they could live happy, healthy, peaceful lives. Then the energies and powers of the world would finally shift and heaven could be possible. In other words again, if the western approach is evil, what is good? And therefor if, everything is measured in positive and negative, but not necessarily in right or wrong, the world could be saved in a short amount of time. If the unknown is known, and the known is forgotten, the darkness is light and the light is darkness, but alltogether they are neutral to the core, just changed their positions. If the protons of an atom would change positions with the electrons, the energy would stay the same (very simplified, probably different in real physics), but then the negative energy would be the core and the positive would surround it. From the outside this atom would have the same neutral state and the same number of particles. So would it be different? Of course it would be different, but then still the same, the same balance. (I think in reality, the atom would either explode or something like that, or it would just not work or maybe cause a black hole… who knows. I never changed particle positions of atoms, did you?)
So after all, just thoughts and visions, but maybe there is some truth within.

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