Day 38 (evening)

To the strange incidents, I wanted to add something.
After the computer turned on this morning, I just stayed in bed listening to the next track, but then this one stopped as well at 2:34, no joke. Then I got up and checked my computer. But there was nothing, so I just activated energy save mode again. I checked the mouse, but moving it, didn’t activated the computer. Just in case, I pulled out keyboard and mouse USB, leaving only the computer. This evening it was still out.

I also wanted to add something else. The last time I went to the forest I had a scary situation at the beginning of the second tree corridor. It was as if something or someone was standing / walking next to me. I saw something in the shape of a human a couple of times, but could have just been something else, but had the size of a human. And first I thought, well probably a tree or something, but when I looked closer and also turned on my phone (because last time I recorded my short trip into the forest – just audio), there was nothing which could have been this big. I should say, that this part of my walks into the forest is by far always the scariest one. When I got into the “real” forest, it wasn’t there anymore. Maybe it was just imagination, who knows. I mean, I could probably find a rational explaination for everything, I am good with those, but then I might ignore something else.

I also had some thoughts this morning, while not able to sleep because of them. But because I didn’t write them down, they are probably lost. It was something about, that it is interesting, that in the french series “The Break” and in “Life is Strange 2” there are people in the forest working with weed and in both cases it is not ending good or always good. Also that Yoann (main character) also hears a strange noise inside his head sometimes.
The thoughts were clearer and deeper, but I forgot most.

Ah now something is coming up.
I remembered a dream I had, when I was still in elementary school.

It was with a woman with dark (maybe dark brown or black) hair. She was probably around 18 or maybe even 21, like me right now. I just knew that she was already an adult. And I only remember, that she said something like: “I will wait for you.” Meaning, until I am also an adult. And it was as if there was a special connection. As a kid I didn’t think much of it and at best thought, that I might have had a strange love dream. I can’t remember the face, but it was a pretty face and she wasn’t not small. I mean compared to me back than, everyone was big, but maybe average size aroundd 1,7m? I don’t know. Interesting, that I remember this dream from over a decade just now.

Oh and I forgot to mention that I did turn the computer on again this morning and I continued with the next episode of “The Break”. And it was pretty weird. It was again talking to my soul. I didn’t weep, sadly, but it was on a very deep level.