Day 37 (until dawn)

Well the stock market seems to do, what was predicted last year, but what wasn’t in the script, that it would be affected by a virus and panic. I mean obviously the panic is a main factor for the stock market to change. Either into positive or negative territory. Mostly into negative because panic is negative, but those who know that the panic is not their problem, can invest. Let’s say you know that a virus will spread or at least that the stock market will somehow be down because of something major happening. Wouldn’t you invest like hell or in other words, buy everything you can? Only if you would know, that it will not affect you of course. So who would profit? This is the main question here. But if you wouldn’t be affected by this in any way, you could just win.

(Totally strange and written like a conspirecy theory because it is one)

Yes, sure. But I theorized about something like that already for some time and I guess now it is reality. The thing is, that in reality, the virus could indeed be a natural occuring virus, so just a bad coincidence for some, but a chance for others. But if you would know about the potential and the possible impact before others, you could prepare yourself. Again, who would profit? First of all, the stock market will obviously go down at some point, not enough workers in the factories, offices, stores and so on. So if you would be an average investor, not thinking much about what you are doing because it works, suddenly it doesn’t work and the numbers are falling. What happens if your numbers are falling on the stock market?

You sell as fast as you can (if you don’t know, that it might go up pretty soon). So in our case, we don’t know because the virus spreads farther out over the world, instead of getting wiped out, there is no real medicine against it (as far as I know) and people are dying. Sure not that many compared to other things like accidents, crimes and other natural causes, but people are dying.

So most investors are out, country leaders as well, if they have no connections to underground/secret organisations. And most other people as well because, well they simply have no money or other things with high value. This leaves us with the question, who could profit from this? Obviously someone with high standards (in means of security, health and intelligence) and with some wealth. Not meaning it has to be the richest of rich, but someone with enough information to get money when needed. In other words, it could be anyone (in theory).

For example, if you would have either contact or be a hacker yourself and you know enough about stock market, media, basic psychology and politics as well as global economy, wouldn’t this make you the rules of the world? Of course only if you aren’t just a basic hacker, but one of the best or at least in contact with such people. So for example the NSA, Google and other organisations. They have access to a lot of data and also alot of trained and professional hackers. (Not meaning that exactly these organisations have anything to do with it, these just have to be seen as examples – a ‘what if’ case)

Consider the worst case scenario for “total” cyber control, as far as the internet allows it and look at it from this perspective. (Also just an example and just an extreme one to explain how fragile and instable our world is)
Okay, so we are a secret organisation, we have hackers and they have let’s say access to every smartphone, computer, tablet, camera, etc. – all devices connected to the internet. I mean maybe not actually at the same time and also not necessarily every device at all. But for this example, they have zero day exploits and other backdoors for every device, at least all common ones, sold on the market.

So while maybe a few people who build their things by hand (other hackers and nerds maybe) not be affected, most people just use devices from the market (as well as me atm). This means, if you have leaks for all common operating systems, hardware and therefor common devices in the internet, you don’t need access for every single device at the same time, just when you need it. Then you could just record what people say about the virus, about the stock market, about other things and either sell those or just use them for your own plans.

(As I said, just a worst case scenario when it comes to secret organisations who are or have the best hackers and background knowledge)

Even people who won’t go to a doctor or openly discuss their financials could be recorded and analysed. Today this is easier than ever because you don’t need people for this job, or at least not many because AI can do most of the work. Speech analysis software could transfer recorded words into text and then filter the text for words like “virus”, “stock market”, “crisis”, “sell”, “dead” and so on. And of course for all common languages. So with this, you could make a map and show in which countries, areas, households, people are talking about these topics and whether they are optimistic, neutral or more pessimistic.

Then you could also create a time line based on this data and show statistics about how fast these topics spread and how the positions of people and countries are changing over time. So you could plan your next step, even if you have no control about the actual crisis going on. This scenario would be a “what ever crisis is coming, I take it” one, which means, the organisation wouldn’t care much about what is making panic, but the will take everything they can and use it for their advantage.

In this way, they wouldn’t need much money, but could easily get money, only because they have almost all data about everyone and everything. They could either black mail people, or just buy stocks from specific companies because workers or the CEO were talking about bad luck and that they would probably go down. Or actually sell something, depending on the value and what could happen with these things over time.

A company going down, is nothing you want to buy, only if you would know, that in a short time you could build it up and even higher than before. Otherwise it would just cost you alot for nothing (basic stock market, or am I wrong?). These hackers would also be the first to get the medicine if one should be available because they have enough information to either let someone produce it for them first hand or buy it or something. So no worries. No problem with money, no problem with health, no problem with law? If they are the best, they know how to hide, so you could say, yes because if no one knows that you have access to all devices, who would blame you for a thing?

Of course they could still get caught or at least in trouble if something unexpected happens, but they would also know when police would search for them (why should they, but just in case) and also where, who etc. So the only ones who could stop them, would be other hackers. Either other secret or even well known organisations like NSA, or just other hackers who found out about it and are fighting their own fight.

(Thinking about the book “Blackout”, just in case you should have thought about similarities. Yes it is a book which has a similar approach and is based on expert data, but I guess I thought about these things before I even read the book. The book just approved my fears.)

Just a thought, a story, but a pretty heavy and dystopic one.

Only one possible scenario and it doesn’t have to be this way. There could be many scenarios similar to this, while one would end in the worlds end, one in world peace and one just in a dystopic future, one could create paradise, maybe alltogether, just in a different order, maybe even at the same time, on different places, different spaces, different times, alltogether.

Or just as one big ball of fire right into the face, burning everything alive.
If you could access every device, you could also hack weapon arsenals, if they should be connected to some kind of network. If just on of them should be connected to the internet in some way, or could be accessed from the outside with enough background information. For example if a rocket station should not be connected to the internet (because this would be just very, very, very dangerous and fucked up), it could be connected to a intern network.

The best would be a manual console, which would be activated by an operator (soldier or technicien) when asked for. But sometimes this would take too long, so there could be a intranet which could use a specific frequency and communicates over radio or even a good old cable. The cable thing could be the better choice, if secured properly and of course the manual option is always the best when it comes to nuclear rockets, but it is slow and old.

Cables have to be secured or just secretly placed underground, so that no one could easily dig them out or find them, but possible. The frequency radio thing (I mean satellite internet also uses some frequency, so let’s just say, it uses a secret frequency with encrypted codes) would be much cheaper (at least when it comes to building time, maintenance and security on ground), but it could be hacked easier. If you would have access to one of the military computers, or just a private phone of a soldier who didn’t give it away or turned it out, you could probably record some useful data.

Worst case, the frequeny would be spoken out loud and also with the encryption parameters. Not likely to happen, but you never know, and you are in. You see, it is not easy, but it is possible to hack everything, as long as it is in some way open or at least in theory, connected to the outside. A frequency can be accessed, a cable can be accessed, a device connected to the internet can be accessed, even your fridge in some cases is connected to the internet, I am just sayin’.

So when the american military leaked information about rocket stations using old Windows XP or even older machines, without internet and just insert old floppy disks, it is actually not a bad idea, but still. Man… floppy disks, really? 😀 Okay… No I mean, sometimes things are really outdated. But hey… I am not the military and maybe it was just a joke or false data.

Aslong as the machines were checked by intern hackers / experts, so that they don’t have secret transmitters and OEM firmware, spying or accessing to satellite internet (it is possible, but doesn’t have to be this way, just possible, okay, don’t freak out). Then they could be sure that even with Windows 10, they wouldn’t be spied on, if there is no secret transmitter and internet connection. But really, you shouldn’t use Windows at all, not for nuclear rockets, not for government offices… really guys. And I guess the important ones use some kind of self-crafted Linux distro or even a complete own system. If not, then well… they really must love Windows.

Actually thinking about all these possibilites made me feel better and I didn’t even “talk” to Doc Handros, maybe he did speak through me 😀 (because we are the same person, yeah… okay, okay I stop.)

Let’s us make this even scarier and those of you who know about all of this already, know what might comes now. If someone can access every device connected to some kind of network which is open to connect (uses a frequency / radio or an internet connection in general), what could you access? Let’s make a list of what you can’t access first.

(But this would be a very long list if you consider every animal, plant, and colors, and …)

Ah shut up, okay then just what could be access in a simplified way.

Access to all devices would be you could access:
– phones
– vehicles
– computers
– satellites
– factories
– infrastructure (e.g. traffic lights, energy transfer / production, hospitals, police, military, government, …)
– electronic body implants
– …

Is this enough to make you worry?
Well, it depends on who and how this is accessed.
But good people don’t abuse it, at least not in a dangerous way, right?
And then who is good? What would you do with all this power?
Just imagine, you would be the only one with all this power and you could start wars, end world hunger or just have fun with governments or some random people. All these possibilites. What would you do? Would you use it for good or bad? If you would ask me, I would probably say, I don’t know, it depends on my mood. And man… this could be very tricky. (Has a major rage and depression –> blows up random rockets) Oof.

During the second half of secondary school I often thought, that I might need a cool water helmet, to cool my head down and I still think about it sometimes, but when I watched Stranger Things, I thought, well maybe I should really do that some time. Because my head got pretty hot sometimes. So I should probably build a cooling helmet or just a water tank for me, to relax and think. Showering also helps, but it is not the same as being under water / surrounded by water.

When I were still going to swimming halls and such things, I sometimes just hold myself under water to relax or I were just floating on the surface (sometimes I must have looked like a dead one maybe) and it felt good. I even could stay like this for a while without the need for air because I was so relaxed and didn’t move. I should really try that again. Sadly I can’t and I also don’t want to go into public swimming pools and halls etc. again any time soon. So yeah, I should really build or buy something for myself. Only problem, where and how? It probably would be outside and it should be covered, so no one could watch me.

Maybe like an actual black box, with optional light from the top? I also could use lights, for water, but electric light and water could go wrong. Especially if I would build something on my own. Maybe some glass windows with optional cover, like little wholes? This way I could block them or open them, but no one would be able to watch me. Well and then I should also find a way to clean this thing and to get water in there and out etc. Should I use water from the tap or filter it? Questions and visions.

(I probably won’t build such a thing any time soon, but you never know, what a crazy scien… writ… guy like me does, am I right?)

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