Day 37 (morning)

The book has 73 pages now, wrote two pages this morning. And I actually changed the scene a little bit from what I originally had in mind, but I can’t really find a good way of putting it in words. I will just write it the way it comes out and then we will see, whether I will have to rewrite it or some part, or just put it out like this and see how it goes. But before, I definitely have to check for mistakes. ^^ They are probably everywhere, as well as some of the sentences. Some just feel generic, so unreal. But well, it is my first big book. My last one didn’t have this many pages and I think I never finished it.

But I don’t want false positive feedback. If it is bad, than it is bad. Then I might do it better next time, but just tell me and don’t say it is good, when you don’t like it. It doesn’t help me, if I get positive feedback, while it wasn’t good for you. I need honest words. If it hurts, I will make it better next time, otherwise I may, just think it was bad, and people are just kind.

This doesn’t mean you have to shout at me how stupid and boring it all is, even if it should be. Just tell me in a kind way, but with honest words. And with kind I mean something like: “It didn’t really touch me. Some parts were interesting, but there was no life in it.” Then I would know, that you like me, but that my creation just wasn’t that good. I am not doing it, to be perfect, to be special, I am just doing it and maybe someone likes it. But if something should be really of, I might remember it for the next time. 🙂