Day 35 (morning)

__Bigger than the soul of mine__

It all just created a life on its own. Love on its own. Peace on its own.
Through me, to you, through all of us. The power of souls.

The titles, the stories, the music, the worries, the beauty, my duty.

A world without this, a world without bliss,
Wouldn’t be a world worth living for,
but this, I just always want more.

So many beautiful things, beautiful souls are among us,
waiting to die, waiting to live, living a life or sleeping already.
The connecting is here, the connection is now.
This is what it is for, to all of you, for all of you to show.

See the pain, see the joy, see the feelings alltogether.
See the sky, the sun, the storms and heavy weather.
See yourself, see the soul right next to you,
We are us, we are love, we are one with you.

Like the demons from hell, like the angels from heaven,
we are many, we have power, we are not alone.
Like the trees in the forest, only together we will surive,
even if they start killings us all, we will stand till the end.

Many of us don’t know they are trees,
rather feel like ants or little bees,
like drones or machines in a factory hall,
to create stupid things for the shopping mall.

Maybe worse, like a pack of old socks,
like bird shit on the rocks,
worth nothing, not even a penny nor a smile,
just walking, just falling, mile after mile.

We are trees,
we are angels,
we are bees,
we are dying.

Let the hope grow, let it in, let it out.
Scream from within as loud as can,
Let them here our voice, make us shout,
Scream for real: “Yes, we can!”

Not for the leaders past and present,
but for ourselves, the people, the souls.


In the past I always said that I usually have no nightmares, but then my dreams felt like hell sometimes.

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