Day 33 (till evening)

Today it was snowing even more and the wind is pretty strong again.
Man when does this wind stop? I mean literally almost every night and when I am awake during day time, I can hear wind outside. Sometimes stronger, sometimes less. But always these heavy noises like houling and things which move in the wind. So not just a small breeze or something, actual wind or even stormy weather. What is going on?

(Clearly overreacting. Everything is normal. It is just the weather, mad man.)

If you say so.

I guess I should go check for my cat. She wanted to get out before, but I hope she is not flying around already.

Well I think I have to search the cat now. Around 90 km/h wind coming in as well as snow. And I also checked the weather, since exactly one month ago it is almost raining or even snowing each day with small gaps. Man what is going on…

Sadly I didn’t find the cat and I almost couldn’t breath when the wind was going into my direction. But she hides somewhere anyways, so she is probably save, just too far away or too scared to come out. I walked around a while and said her name, but nothing happened.

Then I went inside an started cleaning the rooms with a vacuum cleaner and moved some things out of my room or under my bed. Then I put all the cables and stuff together in one box and so on. At least something useful today, not like most of the days, when it comes to necessary things.

Hopefully the cat will get her soon, I walked to the door and look outside many times already. Maybe I have to go outside for another round to search her. She really shouldn’t be outside there with all the snow, wind and cold.

Couldn’t find her, I hope she is well in some shelter. Maybe I go later again and search.

And the thing with the weather is, that it started to get real bad, when I quitted my job. Since then we had one big storm and then even two big storms one week later and just almost everyday some wind (sometimes stronger, sometimes moderate) and rain and now even snow. I mean it is still winter I guess, but I don’t remember a winter with wheather like this. At least not in the last years around here. Strange. But who knows…

Maybe I should go into the forest again, so that it may stop. Would actually be scary if this would work, but one has to test a theory, right? And while I don’t think that I actually have much to do with the weather, there still is a chance. Because in some way we are all connected to magnetic fields, frequencies, energy and therefor partially with the weather aswell. It depends on who you ask. Maybe some people have a bigger connection than others, like it is with anything.

This said, it almost never rained while I was walking to work. It often rained before or soon after, but only a few times while I was walking.
Maybe it is nothing because that is what normal people say, but hey who knows, I guess…

There is my cat. My mother came home and then the cat just came towards the door.

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