Day 29 (till late evening)

Hmm but then I also get information and see information which is against my believes, which makes me always feel wrong. Well shit… And I think I am shit and not shit at the same time. Cool, I think my puzzle trap is broken. Can you get me a new one Chaehan So? In other words, I guess I already know that, but I still can’t use it because I find too many arguments on each side, to that I am still confused in the middle. And I mean, I then would always think I must be wrong because most of the time it was the case, even if I was right, when I later heared that the others were wrong, but I got first told that I was wrong. Broken mindset … and yet I might be where others should be (question mark)?

Just from a law of randomness, it is almost impossible, that I am always wrong, but it is very likely that I am wrong most of the time.
I can see both sides or even multiple ones and even find similaritiers or things they have in common, while I also see the difference. But for what, if I still can’t figure out whether I am right or just wrong with most of it? Just because others say you are wrong, it doesn’t mean you are, as well as when they say you are right, they might be in the same illusion as you. What is a concrete evidence? Sure, if multiple people see the same thing you could say, but then they might all be declared as mentally unstable or that they all had an illusion together. (What could be possible, according to what I believe, that our minds can communicate like computers in the internet, we just normally don’t do it because we don’t know about it). So who would be right in such a situation? There is always the one who will say, the probably all took mushrooms or had too much other substances whatsoever and you will find one who say, I believe them. But what is right in such a situation?

From the outside it is clear, for the people who saw something it is also clear and both know what is right, but each of them thinks it is the opposite. And because you can’t really prove something, like that even with a camera or something, because we have so many videos out there who show fake things, that even if you would have really seen something, you probably would keep it a secret. I never really saw anything which couldn’t be explained scientifically, as far as I know, but still I believe that there is more because what I have seen was also not always good or right.
(e.g. War for oil, no rights for woman, the good one gets the blame, companies rule the world – in some way)

And you can’t say that this is wrong, it is or was like this for a long time, but was told to be right or was covered up, so it looked right from the outside.
We all know how things work in this world, still some people think it isn’t as bad as it actually is and was all the time. Of course in some way things are better now, but not for all people. Only a shift of view and a shift of problems to somewhere or someone else.

Not every rich is evil, not every ruler a fool, not every company is just there for profit. But does this mean, everything is good, everything should be as it is right now? You have to figure it out yourself. I am probably just a crazy guy, probably I should just get silenced and not write a single word, not speak, not do a thing. And then others who do things like beating up homeless people, throwing stones on policemen and putting chemicals into rivers, they are sane, they are normal. They can do what they do because no one can get them. I should just stop it, but it feels wrong. I mean I already shared almost everything about me, knowing that you might think I am crazy, I think that I might be crazy and who else might think this as well.
But it felt right and I know what could happen because of it. I just had to do it. If it was wrong, then delete it, I can’t because it feels wrong.

What an inspiring story. We have to be more like her and others like her.
I have to take action and I already did in some way, maybe.

Man and the storm outside is pretty heavy today.

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